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« on: August 24, 2001, 07:29:00 AM »
Well im back again with another question
Alum salt readily avaible at your local grocery store is if im not mistaken Aluminum ammonium sulfate
well when NaOH is added ammonia is definatly produced, my nose really hated me for that,
well my question arises when i ponder what else is produced in the reaction, im assuming that aluminum sodium sulfate is produced and if im right im wondering if it is soluble in alcohol or not cause if its not  :)
small batches of ammonia yipee

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Re: Ammonia
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2001, 09:04:00 AM »
Yes, ammonia gas, aluminum sodium sulfate and water is produced when adding NaOH to alum. Why would you want to do this? 25% Ammonia is available OTC, and adding NaOH to that will also produce ammonia gas, but more efficiently.


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Re: Ammonia
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2001, 09:09:00 AM »
Using the search engine should have found this for you

Post 201981 (missing)

(lugh: "Cyanide Synthesis", Chemicals & Equipment)

The preparation of Ammonia from ammoniacal compounds:
When ammonia gas is required for the laboratory, it may be obtained by heating an intimate mixture of a commercial ammonium chloride or ammonium sulfate with twice it’s weight of quicklime or slaked lime. Ammonia combines with most of the normal drying agents, a tower of quicklime (CaO) is generally employed. Bunsen used potassium hydroxide [Pogg. Ann. 46, 102 (1839)] Glass is liable to break from the condensed steam, copper, steel or iron heating vessels are preferable. A modified stainless steel pressure cooker would probably be the easiest means for generating ammonia gas.

Alum and lye will work also, but of course they are more expensive than fertilizer and lime. Believe it or not, the server doesn't have infinite space for these repeated requests for the same information. When using the search engine more effectively is endlessly repeated to the newbees, the responses aren't  really a matter of rudeness (though it may seem that way sometimes), it's a matter of whether we will continue to have the Hive
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Re: Ammonia
« Reply #3 on: August 24, 2001, 09:28:00 AM »
Thanks for the info and sorry for the repeat post
i understand how annoying that must be but i did try the search engine first and didnt find it
ill just have to look longer next time
well thanks again for the info

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