Author Topic: Sulphate, phosphate, and dihydrocodeine extraction  (Read 1413 times)

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Sulphate, phosphate, and dihydrocodeine extraction
« on: February 10, 2002, 02:48:00 PM »
I posted this in the 'newbiee' forum without much luck.. hope you people don't mind me giving it a try here:

Does anybody have any information on the pH at which chlorpheniramine maleate becomes a water insoluble freebase after adding sodium hydroxide or ammonium hydroxide, if at all? Also, I believe that some sulfate compounds become insoluble in water at a certain pH - does this hold true to phosphate compounds also? In particular morphine sulfate and dihydrocodeine phosphate. I am wanting to extract dihydrocodeine phosphate from an OTC product containing chlorpheniramine maleate, dihydrocodeine phosphate, and lysozyme chloride - haven't had any success in anything I've tried so far. Any ideas? I am asking all this because I am trying to see if adding NaOH to an aqueous solution of the OTC medicine until dihydrocodeine freebase crystals fall out... I am just worried that the CPM will also fall out. Not really worried about taking too much lysozyme chloride, it's lethal dose is 10g per kg. I appreciate the help!