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Practical P2P synthesis from Bz-CN via Bz(COMe)CN

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Hi Moriarty, I suppose it could smell like cat-piss, depending on which route was taken to produce the chemical as well as purity. One of the more common routes, using phenylacetic acid, could have the impurity phenylacetamide which supposedly smells of cat urine.,839.msg10047.html

You could say is does have a slight honey smell, although it's more a 'chemical honey' smell. It's quite unique really, I cannot think of anything else that smells the same.

HighBee   :)

I have a bottle of PMK , one of two made by Nick Sand that made it out of his Toronto Lab. It smells like warm cardamom, vanilla, lightly of warm cinnamon and honey. It's definitely a unique scent. I believe the perfume Angel uses PMK to attain it's unique scent profile.


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