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Practical P2P synthesis from Bz-CN via Bz(COMe)CN

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Urban myth, the 30% solution  from Aldric/Acros ect. is just perfect.

It is really myth.
I have a big experience of using methoxyde, ethoxyde as solid commercially available powders, also solutions in alcoholes, also I have dissolved Na in alcoholes... No difference for chemistry, It is just depend on situation whats you have in stock or whats you can easy to get...

what does p2p smell like

Hey mate, this post is 11 years old....

P2P smells "floral" quite pleasant. When you smell it, you may recognize the aroma from previously bought product.

Never smelt it.  People, people who know nothing but claim to know something, always say it smells like cat piss.  Having produced about ~100KG of MDP-2-P and knowing what methamphetamine smells like I always doubted this.  It is sweet smelling and kind of like honey.  Am I right?  Just curious.



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