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There are a variety of reasons to not want to try certain things and I can think up a few reasons:

* 1) Addiction Potential
* 2) OD Liability -- Small margin between ED50 and LD50
* 3) Toxicity -- (Acute/Chronic/Cumulative)
* 4) Psychological Drawbacks -- Psychosis, Mania, Compulsion, Extreme Depression, etc.
* 5) Environmental -- Will synthesis byproducts and waste or metabolic products be damaging to the environment in either an immediate or cumulative fashion?
I want to crowd source a list of things for which any reasonable clandestine chemist would advise extreme caution against the creation or use of. I'll go first:

Addiction: Fentanyl or its other piperidine or open-chain cousins. I know that I'd be dead in a week (most likely during work-up).

OD Liability: Another hat off to the ultra-powerful opioids. However, there are tropane analogues and a piperazine called 3C-PEP that looks like it would eviscerate anyone unfortunate enough to try it.

Toxicity: a-PVT, the thiophene analogue of a-PVP, is absolutely something to never ingest by any ROA. As far as I can tell, I am the only person who has intentionally ingested this compound and I must say it is dangerous garbage. A study found it to be remarkably cytotoxic and one can only assume that it's pyrolysis products will Vulcanize one's lungs.

Psychological Drawbacks: Natural alkaloids found in Solanaceae (Datura, Brugmansia, Belladonna, etc.) can be useful precursors, but by themselves are hellish and dangerous. Stimulants, especially the high-powered ones like cocaine, cathinones and amphetamines are not things I ever want to encounter again, simply because the risk of psychosis is so high ["That sounds like a personal problem, Newton2.0"]. I guess, know what your mind can take. Some minds are not built for speed.

Environmental: Remember to safely sequester and dispose of any and all heavy metals like nickel, lead, cadmium and mercury. And anything that could be a persistent environmental problem should probably get a workaround, no?

What are your no-nos?

Sawdust and Honey:
I'd include social danger as well... meth and opioids would be there for sure. Great points, Newton.

ive got one ive got one :)

the smell said drugs give the user, don't want to be smelling like a skunk when high now do we.


Funny, bro- and clomethiazole are on my list, now that I discovered my perfume supplier to carry sulfurol.

How do you know how a skunk smells though? :P
I always thought it is more like wet dog :D

The only things I wouldn't make, hmm.
Fentanyl and analogues, but I would make acetylfentanyl instead, which is weak enough for me.

MDPV and analogues, like a-PVP, they are total psychotic crap.

A potent deliriant.
However, just for the record, I would be interested in making a weak one some day.
I wouldn't want to take it though, of course.

I've been thinking about making some nbomes, seems so simple when you already have 2c-b. The therapeutic index and low dosage scares me, so will probably never make this.


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