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aq.HBr/HI from KBr/KI & tartaric acid
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hydrobromic acid

decomposition of potassium bromide in water by means of
tartaric acid, and decanting the aqueous acid formed from
the percipitated bitartrate of potassium: the product
contains some undecomposed bromide of potassium as well
as bitartrate. the latter may be more completely removed
by the addition of alcolhol, filtering, and expelling
the alcohol by evaporation. the acid produced by this
method is very liable to decomposition on keeping. the
writer has never seen any such acid which did not in time
turn yellow.

the journal of the society of chemical industry
1884-jan-29 <3>: 20-23
"a review of the present methods of preparing hydrobromic
acid, and a description of a process for preparing it
from bromide of zinc and sulphric acid"
by ad. sommer (san francisco)

hydroiodic acid

27.5 weightparts potassium iodide are dissolved in 48 parts
distilled water, moreover 22 weightparts tartaric acid
likewise in 48 parts water, then mix both solutions, place
the mix in a cooling mixture, until the thereby generated
cream of tartar (potassium hydrogen tartrate) is completely
separated and deposited, thereafter decant and filtrate the
ready hydroiodic acid. ... the acid already becomes yellow
after some hours. (therefore the author recomends to retail
the acid immediately) (pharmazeutische zeitschrift fuer
russland, 1863 p. 302)

polytechnisches journal (herausgegeben von dr. emil
maximilian dingler)
1864 or 4.reihe p. 466
"ueber bereitung von jodammonium"; gottfried berner (in moskau)


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KBr/KI & citric acid
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Anything on KBr/KI & citric acid?
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