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P2NPs via simple MV irridation
« on: June 06, 2002, 04:15:00 AM »
benzaldehyde + nitroethane --> phenyl-2-nitropropene (r, yield 70%)
anisaldehyde + nitroethane --> 4-methoxy-phenyl-2-nitropropene (t, yield 59%)
4-chloro-benzaldehyde + nitroethane --> 4-chloro-phenyl-2-nitropropene (s, yield 64%)
4-methyl-benzaldehyde + nitroethane --> 4-methyl-phenyl-2-nitropropene (u, yield 55%)
benzaldehyde + nitromethane --> beta-nitrostyrene (q, yield 53%)

we report here a very simple, fast and general method for
knoevenagel condensation. ...

general procedure:
methylene compound 1 and carbonyl derivative 2 were mixed
together at r.t., without solvent in amounts given in table 1 in an
erlnemeyer flask (10 to 100mL). the appropriate volume of piperidine,
which may be adjusted accordung to the weight of reactants, was then
added (see table 1). the mixture was subjected to microwaves for an
optimized time and power. the solid product was washed with MeOH/Et2O,
EtOH or MeCN. the crude oil was purified by short-path distillation.
the shape and size of the reaction vessel are important factors for
the heating of dielectrics in a microwave oven.

synthesis 1994, 258-260
"minute synthesis of electrophilic alkenes under microwave irradiation"
s abdallah-el ayoubi, f texier-boullet, j hamelin

methylene compound = EtNO2, MeNO2 and others
carbonyl derivative = several benzaldehydes

the catalytic amounts of piperidine, needed
for this reaction can be prepared from pepper

even if the MDA/MDMA and mescaline precursors:
are not named explicitly, they should definitively
be accessible through this procedure.


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