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Methylating Alpha-Methyltryptamine? -Lone Ranger
« on: April 19, 2000, 10:18:00 AM »

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  Methylating Alpha-Methyltryptamine?
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Author  Topic:   Methylating Alpha-Methyltryptamine? 
Lone Ranger
NewBee   posted 01-18-2000 10:33 PM          
Is my lack of formal Chemistry showing, or could Methyl Bromine perform the subject task? While neither one of these compounds are exactly household chemicals, they are far more common than the desired product, available only in your dreams!
I'm probably just dreaming now, as my head falls onto the open Fischer catalog.....
PimpBee   posted 01-19-2000 05:21 AM          
MeBr has a very low boiling point, that's why everybody is using MeI for such reactions.
rev drone
Hive Bee   posted 01-19-2000 09:18 AM          
...or dimethyl sulfate, which is cheaper. Yeah, its carcinogenic, but so are the methylhalides
-the good reverend drone

Ipsa scientia potestas est

Lone Ranger
NewBee   posted 01-20-2000 10:02 PM          
For sure MeI would work just as well as MeBr, in this case, but the real question still remains.....
Could AMT be methylated in this simple fashion, to yield the coveted dimethyl-mygodicanseetheairmolecules-tryptamine? That could make this comboy suddenly see the $59.60/gram substrate price as a real bargain! (Noticed while dozing off reading ACROS Organics,1999)....
NewBee   posted 01-21-2000 12:01 AM          
N,alpha-dimethyltryptamine is quite a bit less fun than plain old alphamethyltryptamine (see TIHKAL)

i'm a little confused at what you're trying to do.

Lone Ranger
NewBee   posted 01-22-2000 03:45 PM          
OK. In plain English (sort of):
AMT is available at $60/gram, CAS# 61-49-4. It differs from DMT in that the Nitrogen atom (that is not part of the Indole structure) has but a single methyl group attached. In a dream I saw another Methyl group easily replace the hydrogen atom, yielding the ever-popular (but quite illegal) DMT. I am surprised that this is not a more popular dream, and that makes me wonder if perhaps my dream is flawed in some way.

AMT is biologically active, and potent - but it is no where near as 'amusing' as DMT is (IMHO).

Perhaps I should go back to trying to dream up a Bromine atom onto aminorex. That is about where I left off posting here last summer. Problem is, the damn stuff gets snatched up by consumers as fast as it gets dreamed up. The AMT, meanwhile, just collects dust!

Happy Trails,
Lone Ranger

Pimp Master   posted 01-22-2000 07:13 PM          
No, unfortunately you are wrong. Alpha-methyltryptamine has its methyl group attached to the carbon adjacent to the amine, so you cannot make DMT from it.
Lone Ranger
NewBee   posted 01-25-2000 10:42 PM          
Rhodium, right as usual. Sometimes it just takes another set of eyes. Thanks for the words of wisdom, now and in the past. What you say is obvious, now that you pointed it out!
Likely 5-me tryptamine (55795-89-6) can be de-methylated (BBR3?), and then re-methylated (MeBr),at the Nitrogen atom. But two steps, high costs, and low yields make this route less appealing.

The second experiment I will dream of, all is in place. The problem of the substrate (methyl-aminorex) vanishing in hours is a real one. I'll have to dream some into a secret area of my brain, so it may take some time - but I will share the results.

NewBee   posted 01-25-2000 11:43 PM          
if you've got access to everything in the chemhouse catalog, why not just buy 5MeO-DMT from Aldrich
at something like $100/gm?
there's plenty of DMT synths over at

Lone Ranger
NewBee   posted 01-26-2000 10:34 PM          
Oddlyt enough I am dreaming of smoking the 5-Meo as I type. But it cannot be O-demethylated. It is alson NOT DMT by any stretch. Imagein tripping your brains out without visuals - that's it. The visuals are the best part - this stuff is VERY potent, yet kinda not very recreational.
Pardod the typing - Im losing it preety fast, but this shit is not DMT. I will check your other ref., but last time i saw nothing that used unwatched chemicals. I can easily get 5-Meo, but would never order Indole.

Lone Ranger

Hive Bee   posted 01-27-2000 12:01 AM          
really...look to DMT world...the answers to your unasked, but apparant questions lie there...