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Title: Prohibition and Harm Reduction
Post by: Pugsley on May 05, 2017, 03:28:14 PM
After study and research of so many video, book, chat, health organization statements and just common sense.

My opinion has been generated and follows, The creation of a prohibiting Social structure was well documented and analyzed during the Alcohol Prohibition years. But of course, We as a culture learned nothing and continue to try to hide, deny, control, destroy and justify the current Drug War which is obviously causing more harm than good. Destroying Families, Cultures, and Causing more social harm with disease and isolation.

People are forever curious and desire to be happy. Starting when we were living in the jungles of a developing world and society. We found that certain plants, extractions could enable us to see, hear, smell at an altered level. Increasing and sometimes diminishing our natural ability to Hunt and Forage. Breaking the limits of limited experience and evolve.

Wild animals even in todays world use mind altering substances to enhance their reality.

It is an insult that we have regressed to a level of arrogance that we should tell others what they should do with their own body. Our bodies and minds are our Temple.

The term Harm Reduction is insulting in its own right. Meaning Governments and Society are looking for ways to reduce a Harmful dangerous situation.

We teach our future to don't do drugs but insist on feeding them vaccines, cold remedies, Ritalin or whatever is the flavor of the month. Telling our children they are drugs. This in itself is a contradiction and damaging to the true understanding of reality.

Pharmaceutical companies push their poison and kill more people than all illegal drugs combined.

The thought we would allow another human suffer, consume adulterated substances and when trying to get help are basically given a scarlet letter to wear for the remainder of their lives being ostracize and dismissed as faulty for doing something which enabled humanity to evolve.

Harm reduction in my opinion it to End The War On Drugs!
Allow all to get the help they so desperately need.
Educate everyone with honest sensible facts of drugs and their use. Nicotine addiction is on the decline after honest open discussion.
Through honest discussion and free will society will be able to openly learn the facts and assess for themselves.
The people which have difficulty will be able to receive open and caring assistance. Instead of being jailed or forced to use a tainted product.
Research and experimentation of these prohibited substances can begin to show us the true positives and negatives of use.
People will not be forced or prone to use of shared needles and all other communicable diseases associated with clandestine drug use.

Harm Reduction is the End Of The War against human nature and our Brothers and Sisters. End The War On Drugs....

Title: Re: Prohibition and Harm Reduction
Post by: java on May 05, 2017, 05:27:54 PM
......very well said, i concur freedom encompasses the right to our own body and it's care......very good to see you here
Title: Re: Prohibition and Harm Reduction
Post by: Pugsley on May 08, 2017, 04:57:18 AM
Been a long time, With a greater respect for being alive. Luckier than most. Thanks for the kind words Java.... These young ones are curious! I feel overwhelmed, being from an era of walk in walk out with everything for an impressive, exciting, fun time. But, it seems like the 90's turned dark. Lost a lot of Friends. Most important is gained a new respect for life. The current police state don't play. They will ruin a normally nice fun loving family or community and turn it into a war zone. They have taken away wonder, amazement and learning of new things and experiences. Turning them into a hidden sub culture of subjugated pain. While the man just keeps on grinding our youth into slabs of social compliance. May your God or Logic help teach our new generations that Freedom IS worth something. Asking permission or being beat down and jack booted is not a life. We do own ourselves, we owe no one an explanation to our happiness. Oh, Hell sorry got out there again. Young up comings, I really wish I could say with confidence it's going to get better. Love You All.........