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Title: To rid ourselves of the ghosts of the era bygone
Post by: Trianion on January 05, 2020, 05:20:49 PM
I believe that the so-called drugs are by far the area of most misinformation, myths, urban legends, misconceptions and lies. This is amplified by the majority of users being unwilling (or unable) to listen to reason when being corrected about the true nature of these chemicals they happily consume, let alone educating themselves on these matters. The old "truths" are still being circulated, and the lack of criticism towards these tales is crippling.

This is part legacy of the 'war on drugs' misinformation released as the truth, and part information that (even if true originally) has been circulating among the users and dealers for ages, perhaps losing part of the information or maybe even changing it slightly when being passed on. This adds up over time, and corrupts even the most valid information out there.

This is frustrating, as it is hard to get people to abandon their deep-rooted beliefs and embrace the facts & science on these matters, even when presented in the most convincing way possible. It also doesn't help that virtually all research on outlawed psychoactive substances has ceased.

There is one answer to all this: Education. We must be persistent in our efforts cutting out the myths & lies and replacing those with true knowledge and solid research. We must be able to discuss the policies governing these issues publicly, without being immediately discredited, disregarded and labeled as a "goddamn druggie hippie".

I hope I will see things moving forward, the general public opening their eyes and seeing & hearing for themselves rather than sticking to the misinformation out there, seeing drug users down on their luck as people instead of just criminals, open discussion, rewriting the (obivously failed and ineffective) policies concerning these psychoactive substances and realizing the potential that is present in these substances.
Title: Re: To rid ourselves of the ghosts of the era bygone
Post by: Trianion on January 05, 2020, 05:31:03 PM
Wow, that came out longer than I thought it would. This is what i believe is necessary for ending the dark age of drugs.

I hope you agree with me and are a part of the movement to make these things a reality.

Also, that was my mandatory post to this category, pretty nice idea. Is this rule enforced somehow?