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Harm Reduction Resources / Re: Ape/Primate urgent health emergency!
« Last post by d00d on September 23, 2022, 06:18:18 AM »
Your support in these trying times helps our community heal.

Thoughts and Prayers!
Harm Reduction Resources / Re: Ape/Primate urgent health emergency!
« Last post by spice on September 23, 2022, 04:25:56 AM »
Harm Reduction Resources / Re: Ape/Primate urgent health emergency!
« Last post by DerAlteSack on September 23, 2022, 02:52:54 AM »
Harm Reduction Resources / Re: Ape/Primate urgent health emergency!
« Last post by d00d on September 21, 2022, 08:22:23 PM »
If your primate friend appears disorientated, erratic, and excited (all 3 symptoms must be present)


Keep our great apes out of prison. Do not administer IM injections of PCP without consent.  If its not good for humans, it sure isn't good for apes.

Keep the streets safe!

Harm Reduction Resources / Re: Ape/Primate urgent health emergency!
« Last post by SpaceMan on September 21, 2022, 02:18:04 PM »
 :-X still a workin progress
News / Re: Pink Cocaine
« Last post by d00d on September 21, 2022, 01:16:50 PM »
Ah cool. Yeah when this ape gets captured out in the wild, he does not enjoy when humans experiment on him with highly illegal drugs administered through IV.

This is why I dwell in caves for the most part.  I know these 'special effects' you speak of with the IV admin of active compounds.  Yes, that is how one puts one foot in the grave, it is good, but dangerous it is.  The risk outweighs the reward.  If you can poke it, you can probably smoke it.  And if you smoke it right, sounds like you will be alright.
Harm Reduction Resources / Ape/Primate urgent health emergency!
« Last post by d00d on September 21, 2022, 01:06:21 PM »
Serious risk to all Apes,Gorillas,Chimpanzees,Lemurs, and Spider Monkeys

Read infographic, they are drugging us and putting us behind bars! The high risk for addiction to these compounds has a direct correlation to recent ape incarceration rates on the home world.

Please stay safe!  It is not for human consumption, those members of the homo sapiens are forewarned.  If its too strong for us, its too strong for you. 
News / Re: Pink Cocaine
« Last post by Kasey Jones on September 19, 2022, 07:47:12 PM »
I agree, spreading 'the gospel of IV' is not cool.

Too many have gone down that path and never came back.

Find a way to smoke it if you are a daredevil that needs immediate satisfaction. High bioavailabiliy, nearly instant effects in mostly all cases.

I know very few who have beat the IV demon, put the pins down for good. I salute you!

Tsath RIP'd? Shame, he seemed very intelligent yet quite troubled.  Hope he found his peace in death.

Nitrous is the bomb: when u get a good hit you do get your bell's rung and you feel u understand the universe.  Then when you come down, you can't remember or explain that understanding.

My tolerance is too high for crack/freebase.  Trust me I've tried to get a bell ringer--just can't do it. Just makes me paranoid and gives me a splitting headache:(

The sad truth is: I've burned out my dopamine receptors and I'll never be able to enjoy coke the way I did 33 years ago.  It's really not worth the risk

Did you make uncle crackey yourself? By bicarb? ammonia? KOH? carbonate? Did you ensure it was nicely melted to a dark orange disk at the bottom of the pot? The white devil used to make uncle crackey is of seriously poor quality in this era.  The cartels whack that shit up with so much trash and the street guys who make uncle crackey add procaine, extra soda, etc in the mix/melt so half the time ppl who enjoy that stuff are smoking on a shitmix!

For even faster and larger 'hits' one could use one of them fancy weed smoking rigs with a bucket.  Heat the nailbucket up until very hot, get ready now! Bang it off the nail and inhale at the same time.  Hexen 'rung the bells' this way before.  Its probably not the healthiest thing to do (uncle crackey is an unhealthy bastard) but if its what floats your boat, what am I to judge?

Something is going wrong with my primate brain as well. Similar type scenario.  Did we all over do it? Have we mutated our 'melons'?

I usually drip liquid ammonia until it stops precipitating and wait for the gumball in the bottom.  Then cool the spoon with ice.  I've never had enough patience to extract with ether. 

Part of the addictiveness of the needle is the entire blood in the syringe followed by tasting it in the mouth etc.  You can become quite the needle freak (always wanting to shoot things that shouldn't necessarily be shot. Shooting half grams of pure.mdma for instance ruins X very quickly. The magic is replaced with a low grade speed feeling and an or easily.pee....not

Like Oscar wilde wrote:  each man kills the thing he loves...
Sadly due the current catastrophic scene regarding the RCs Opioids, where It's still debatable if the cause of this situation / who is more guilty can have a lot of arguments to compile a pretty long list between:
a) the government and the prohibitionism strategy to contain an opioid pandemic started many many years a go in USA
b) the greedy way chinese pretended to ""save"" the scene
c) the totally obsolete philosophy / rule adapted by tradition from all existing (dark) markets
- and try to identify who actually is responsible for the biggest number of countless deaths, a comeback of violence and criminality in the streets, and leaving patients with chronic pains who did nothing wrong, but regardless now they must life in permanent painful conditions - were the very small % lucky enough to keep his prescription - is tied now from a mutually exclusive rule that they CAN'T have any psychological disease in terms of anxiety or severe insomnia (doctor could be insta-jailed if he will prescribe to a patient with any opioid script, any benzo, even a single pill of zolpidem) -

The fact the myth of W15-W18 and any other fantasy codename you will read on countless of clearnet websites, are actually super-effective and potent and find a lot of reviews on reddit and other places confirming it - 99.5% of such it's because the current situation and recent ban in february of a class with several analogues that wildspread in the last 3 years - generated new opportunities to promote based on such myths and the many reviews, the misinformation of such compounds to actually be functional, and if they weren't before, it was because they did it wrong.
No need to say, the 99.5% of such reviews, it's simply because they bought something with such name, victims of the marketing and what search engines are giving back as results, that contained obviously a mix of different other strong opioids (and just checking energycontrol recent drugs check results, even 2-3 different drugs family and traces of leftovers of whatever else).

If there is a possible working W-1X chemical that is actually matching to the original structure declared when such compounds were listed many years a go from the researchers who wrote the paper, it's still a mystery, and most likely like the OP says, not even opioid (in terms of chemistry structure) - same for kratom, tianeptine, and the several RB-1XX (Enkaphalin Inhibitors) that had a boom in research papers as well available from some companies, the so-called Opioids 2.0, where no overdose, no withdrawal, no tolerance increase is possible (but with a potential analgesic potency up to 80x) - of course without any recreational value, but it would have at least saved the category of chronic pain patients who had not much choice if living in pain, or taking the path of unknown and RCs where the WIDE choice available is either something like O-DSMT (less stronger than morphine, but for some people was definitely better than nothing), and the next step, without anything in between with a legal status, 70x (now not even legal anymore).

Sorry the the long off-topics ;)
News / Re: Pink Cocaine
« Last post by d00d on September 18, 2022, 03:51:07 AM »
Anything with VICE is dodgy journalism.

Its sheer stupidity was passed down through its creator.

How a hipster music/fashion/art free magazine created by a neo-nazi became a 'credible' news outlet is beyond any logic.
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