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Harm and reduction
« on: May 10, 2016, 09:34:11 PM »
I've been working on a harm reduction paper, it is specific to stimulants with emphasis upon methylamphetamine.

To summarize it identifies risks and harm factors as well as approaches for addicts and loved ones to help minimize harm.  The basis is a creed of education, not incarceration, using the observation that information is inevitably more productive than persecution.

I may choose to share more information from the project here at some point, however I am looking for a concept chemical combination of a non-fatal, non-injurious way to make a drug that when taken causes a combination with meth to either be unpleasant or to remove the effects that make it attractive.

A particular species of mushroom for example causes alcohol to be extremely unpleasant.

Perhaps if something could block activity at TAAR1?
This is for people to voluntarily quit, conceptually.

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Re: Harm and reduction
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2016, 02:11:46 PM »
Since dopaminergics tend to be emetics perhaps there is a way to amplify this effect.
Another piece of information about harm reduction, which might not be very helpful when it comes to combat substance abuse itself, is the fact that the drug edaravone seems to block neurotoxicity of dopaminergics quite strongly. You should look into it, but I don't know if it helps people to stop their substance abuse, since a huge con is going to disappear. But perhaps some of them need to feel better about themselves without the guilt of destroying their own brain...