Author Topic: Helping to reduce harm to stimulant consumers  (Read 3198 times)

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Helping to reduce harm to stimulant consumers
« on: August 02, 2018, 02:11:20 PM »

Given that the location of each member of the association is different, I say this in this way: Governments have, in recent years, imposed and enforced the laws on the purchase of chemicals and the preconstructions of the stimulus. In my land, all drugs in which a pre-construction for crystal was made of it are empty, and instead, there are other materials in those drugs. The new drug does not have the capability of the drug, and all physicians and ordinary people are more effective than they are. These drugs are complaining. Second, is not this type of drug found in my land anymore? No, it's only increased in price (3x), and more importantly, chefs are building cats in a much simpler way and converting a variety of drugs that you can not imagine. In this type of impurity, other than the presence of impurities, reactors are also present. Consumers have been exposed to excessive consumption of these substances, and mortality rates have increased significantly from the toxicity of these substances. Did the production stop?
As far as I've been studying, in the United States, new fillers that are polar and nonpolar are added to the drugs. People who are building small sizes for their own use and using high purity drugs are no longer available. They can not and can not be found in small sizes of alternative chemicals!
Governments have to give these patients the opportunity and not leave them alone. This law is a gross mistake and should go back. I will try my own country to address these and dozens of other issues to reduce the suffering of consumers, and I hope that the legal circulation of information and freedom of expression will apply.

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Re: Helping to reduce harm to stimulant consumers
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2019, 09:00:51 PM »
From my understand the polymer pill denaturant like endergit(is that how one spells it) aka Orange 1 and two are known mutagens. Doesn't sound like something one would put knowingly in there body given the choice.

Maybe with my limited knowledge i interpret Mutagen as a bad thing when its actual ace.

To my knowledge these extraction/reaction blockers are being given to the general public without there knowledge.  When orange1 first hit my area it made me ill and fucked with me much longer then pure meth. Was hard to miss the orange layer in the distillate.