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My write up reflecting upon me.
« on: January 29, 2019, 12:00:18 AM »
It's important to maintain health if you prefer an illegal substance rather than what's legal. For me it started with Coke weed the cheapest beer I can find then on to the back roads 16 years ago . I grew up with out much guidance. Besides my brothers. At that point and time drugs such as cocaine were still some what euphoric, and you could tell you weren't getting high off something else. 14 years ago I tried what people refer to as Ani for the first time. As at least where I'm from it was local and after pondering how cut cocaine really is I didn't buy into the Bull shit of how bad chickenfeed was for you. Mind you it was used infront of me but understanding was probably much more clean that Coke. It was to. but back then I was jus worried about a good buzz for the weekend and goin back to work. It seemed if you know who was making the honey all was well. Then it seemed to change in 2011 to 2013 fast. Coke was way different and crack was the only thing that felt some what like Coke used to, now its gone to. Ice in 2015 was still good. Ice now, all I can tell you and the best way to judge is to try it. If you done the real deal you should be able to tell what's what. Thanks to my brothers being significantly older than me, I was always able to source what I wanted from older more responsible and experienced low key sources. As being a more of somewhat  street person I was always able to depend on the streets(that's a broad term). I heard about DNMs read alot of reviews and it seemed like a bunch of scammers to me as I didn't honestly have to worry about harm reduction until about 2 years ago. When the last of the people I had known had inebitally either went to prison, died, grew up, grew out of it, got their life together or burned a bridge all dependability of having clean shit went out the door. I to have removed myself from the life and just worry about work and a good clean buzz anymore. Rarely that happens. Ice is now really popular, but very few actually really know what good is because of how taboo it was in my area up till a few years ago.

Long story short. Best way to reduce harm reduction imo. Do the real thing. If it feels nothing like it used to and the high is different. Don't buy it. Past ten times I've tried ice it wasn't real. Or contained very little crystal. If I knew if any of the washes actually worked is do a write up. All the people I actually would know that kind of thing wouldn't want to talk about it because the clandestine fun in my area is becoming history and many would like to keep it that way as they've moved on. And the other half would more than likely be more interested in stealing my car to feed their addiction. Which leads to my number two point. Don't let the high be your passion in life. You have to gebout of bed and do something for yourself. I understand life gets hard and changing your mind for a while is what keeps your boots on the morning when the times throw a curve ball at you and you might wonder how your gonna come up with money for bills, and feed the ones who depend on you to keep a roof over their head. But it can't last. You can't let it be the o ly thing that gets u outta bed in the morning. Always at least when thinking becomes critical do so with a sober mindset and evaluate if the people around you are friends or if the only thing in common is drugs.

1. If it don't feel right it ain't.
2. Anymore you would have a better chance making it yourself than finding the real deal it seems
3. Make sure you come back to reality and do so often. You know how people say I don't even know how things got this way. They aren't lying, and I know from experience.
4. Learn to love yourself.

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Re: My write up reflecting upon me.
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2019, 05:14:24 AM »
Good on you dude for writing this. I can sense where you are coming from.

Hello from another side,,,, different world.