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I must agree w/short.  SWIW uses hcl straight from the bottle on the MBoxRP. SHake together in drink bottle for aprox one minute stain add h20 to the stips left in the bottle shake pour.  Not to many strips in the bottle at once though.  After pouring into jar/beaker iso is added the mix is nucked with a funnel on top of the jar for bump trap and helps keep in mix by condesation.  Upon boiling the mix is left to settle decanted and repeated 3x last one in conjunction with tone. Then a plastic reusable coffee filter placed in a bowl. Hot water is used to rinse the rp free from the paper fibers,  redip the fitler, swirl finger in mix while lifting out of bowl, etc.. pour rp/water from bowl into Sun Tea jug w/spout.  repeat the rinse till fibers left in filter are only a pale pink color. Usually the last rinse will be almost enogh to fill the jug. Half the rp floats while the other hlaf drops so carefully pour this hot water into another jug of same size. Box them back and forth 3 times and the rp falls in the still warm h20 in a couple of minutes the water is clear, some stil float. Release the water through the spout leaving a little in for pouring. Pour the rp muck into a courning dish rinse the last of the rp out of the jug w/tone. Put in micro to dry. place the lid to the courning cockeyed on top of the dish. just enough to release the steam,tone but it will contain the rp if it starts that popping shit. (Most of the time it will only pop if ya skimped on the iso or wased to many fiber through the filter requiring another dry filter next.)rinse againg with a little tone if your a fanatic, it will dry pretty quick then scrapes off in a fine powder and SWIW means a fine powder. (staticly sticks to everything) SWIW usually gathers and runs through a strainer (small plastic w/micro funnel underneith) into plastic film containers. Cap n store. cost runs somewhere around $5.14/gr the resulting powder under microscope was roughly guessed to be 75% rp, for the source is not books. THe left over rp from reaction drops by about a 3rd. it is reused with the 1/3 replaced by fresh rp in a continuos cycle with excellent results. Straying away from the rp though in xchange for the phos...ic, I2, NaI,.... never mind what was SWIW saying?????
Where is that glass dick oh there it is! :o


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Ok then but how much and for how long?
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If you can use acetone, hcl and water. How much of it and for how long?


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I am posting on education of watching.
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I am posting on education of watching. Never doing 1st hand experience. (I am a forced total newbee) My best friend who taught me the little I know would force his rp to fire off by throwing in a 3-5 match heads depending on quantity. This would help when he was in a pinch to get-er-done. However he did state this would lose yield and you had to be much more carefull or you could ruin it all.



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things that make u go mmm
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I know would force his rp to fire off by throwing in a 3-5 match heads depending on quantity

Chong may have found a new source for iodine!!  And to think, we thought those match heads were useless...