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Title: Drug Wars' Pointless Natures & The In-Progress Revealing of It
Post by: SubliminallyOveranalyzed on August 16, 2015, 06:35:49 AM
It could not only be stated, but also evidence and reference
supported, that the growth of drug policy in the West has had serious
consequences for the progression of policy trajectories on and within countries
where traditional, religious, and culturally embedded drug use takes place.
The fact is that drugs and drug use being conceptualized in the West, is
almost entirely misconceived, and inappropriately applied in large numbers of other
nations, that have adopted similar laws/policies after the predominant western
nations have. (This becomes quite obvious once statements are reviewed that
have been made by the United Nations, for example, in the scheduling of substances
to be included in drug control laws, which routinely happens presently with new
RC's(Research Chemicals), as they become known. Unfortunately, this misconception,
serves only to make the passing of such new laws and inclusions, in these nations,
merely fear-driven and put fourth without all the facts, while the ones doing so, actually
have the intentions of harm reduction, and unknowingly, only ever receive the tried,
tested, and known results of failure that every drug war has been, or will ever be.......
as is the reality of making drugs and addiction a legal issue at all, instead of addressing
them in the form they actually exist as, health issues, and nothing more.)

Clearly, it is the long-standing fear of drugs and drug users, based upon the exaggerated
risks and health harms assumed to be factually contained within “drugs”, and on fears
related to “othering,”(any action by which an individual or group becomes mentally classified
in somebody's mind as "not one of us")prejudice, and misconception, that has driven this
approach and continues to do so. Specifically, it is a weak understanding of how drug risk
manifests in reality, and the failure to make clear (or even suggest), that the many other
factors besides the actual drugs are of equal significance in understanding drug-related
risks and harms. This has resulted in drug control policy that is mistakenly reliant upon
isolated, worst-case scenarios.

This same approach suggests that illicit drugs, by and large, have no, or few, beneficial effects
to society, and that their use should be prohibited. Another consequence of such a fear and
risk based approach, is that it is quite a contradiction to individual rights, and the social and
cultural norms of various groups, as well as traditional and cohesive practice.

The only actual safety that any such laws or policies are able to attempt to provide, is the
protecting of individuals from themselves, because it has no place in reality, to place any
amount of accountability on, nor assume there is even a need OF protection from a lifeless,
inanimate object like a drug, of which any human with life, choice, and free will, is likely to
happen along at any given minute, and choose to do with it as one pleases.

As one is aware, All or most adult humans of sound mind, do not get a choice of whether
or not we will be held accountable for our actions, choices, and decisions throughout life,
because it is automatically decided for us, that we will, in fact be held fully accountable for

For one's fellow humans to self appoint oneself and their chosen constituents as a
presiding authority of structure, order, and ensuring of accountability in general, is one thing,
and can even be viewed as necessary to maintaining order.  But when things reach such
a point of complacency and arrogance, of self appointing oneself to also take the decision of
what to and not to put into other people's bodies, the end of individual freedom becomes
actual reality. When the most basic elements of a conscious being's existence, are allowed to
be decided by one that is no more or less entitled to do so than any other, there really ceases to
be many elements of that same being's existence that cannot also be assumed by another.

If drugs were the problem, then this approach could also be used for the implication
of many other lifeless and inanimate objects, in many other scenarios, such as a rock that was
thrown through a window, now becoming only partially my fault if i threw it at the window, because
now the rock can be held accountable for some of the blame; or a car wreck where there is no
mechanical or otherwise failure of any vehicles involved, but still the vehicles can now be placed
as being somewhat responsible in anyway for the accident.

.......meanwhile, back in the crime & punishment system of placing these drugs and the
people that use or associate with them, the individual IS STILL held fully accountable,
and thus punished with incarceration for being afflicted with a health issue such as addiction.....
the drugs are only blamed, when doing so accommodates the occasional justifying
of the crime/punishment system for drugs ........

So where does there arise any credibility or justification for some self serving, manipulative
Scumbag to be self, peer, or otherwise appointed to decide such things in the first place for
someone else? And what ACTUAL positive results has this approach had on the whole scenario
and inevitable cycle of humans rightfully making the decision for themselves, of what to and
not to put in THEIR OWN bodies? The biggest majority of these humans is and has been aware
of both the illegal classification of these drugs, and the consequences of using/associating with them......
yet drug use rates do not decrease, and never have while drug wars were in place, in any nation.

 Let's think about the soundness of that concept for a second.........hmmmmmm..........can't seem to find any
.......... Wonder why?

So why exactly do I need someone ELSE to decide what I can or can not put into my own body,
and whether or not to do it...... hell, it seems that I'm competent enough to accept full
accountability for that and every other aspect of what to and not to subject myself to
(and many completely legal of those choices are of much greater health and loss of life risk
than a mere perception or consciousness altering substance), so where exactly is the harm
reduction in this approach? If one is indeed missing something here, and there actually is
some harm reduction in this approach, please share these findings with one.

The drug war's day is finally coming to an end. It had a hell of a run though! One can hardly
deny that. It sure as hell had it's twists and turns, particularly to those of us who served
multiple and consecutive years in one or more of the many fine resort getaways they have had
waiting for us, so faithfully, over the years, every time a new simple possession or distribution
charge, etc...... was issued by the pathetic excuses for law enforcement, that they've kept ever
so mindlessly enforcing the pointless garbage over the years.

Hell, who knows, one might even some day, come to miss the good ol Scumbag fuckery of old,
perhaps from the sheer hilarity of looking back upon the classic........shove the ol wolf
into a sheep suit, tuck his tail in there, zip it up, and send him out to address the masses,
that panic so easily, and don't even need much encouragement.....but, look at it from their
perspectives, and one supposes it could be slightly sympathized with, if viewed as they were
just going along to get along, essentially, by saying to themselves......hell, no need to give
up this vast improvement in quality of life, and added bonus of not having to have a real job
to receive it, just keep playing o holier than thou, govt employed upholder of these completely
counter-productive, fear driven, and scare-tactic fueled laws and policies, and bring about
exactly NONE of the reduction of anything that we insisted they would, and used as reasons
to implement the complete failures to begin with.

Clearly, there won't be too much lost in the replacing of the scumbags currently making such
decisions, as a down syndrome'd, inbred, keebler elf that was recently laid off from the cookie
tree could handle these daunting tasks performed by the majority of current and prior "leaders" .....
There's no credibility to lose where it never existed in the first place...... Bullshit is bullshit, and facts and
logic are facts and logic. It is what it is. And no amount of attempted justifying, or brainwashed support
from the masses, can make right come out of a complete failure of an approach to something, like the
drug war is to a health issue like addiction, nor can it negate the basic right of any grown, of sound mind,
and fully accountable for their own actions and choices human being, to rightfully decide for themself,
what will and will not go into their own body.

So, for those that take the larger view as perspectives, and actually account for the other contributing
factors thaN are ever implicated in most incidents of drug-associated harm to oneself or others,
one can easily draw their own conclusions to the tried, tested, and predictable outcome of making
something like drugs and addiction, legal and punishable issues at all, instead of addressing them in
their actual the health issues they are, and nothing more.  The objective here is to bring
awareness not just to the utter futility of outlawing and punishment as failed approaches for drugs
and addiction, but more importantly to how these assumptions have, and always will be destructive to
not just individual and social rights, but historical cultures and traditions, ecologically, economically
bankrupting the participating nation's economies, self-limiting the individuals, as well as an entire
species that prides itself in the natural act of evolution, but ironically, is not even able to step outside
of the box that is our comfort zone, and even consider an actually tested, proven, evidence based,
in-use, fact-based and real world, successful alternative, like Portugal's Harm Reduction approach,
one that is in place now, and has been for  15+ years(since July 2001) and again, actually

edited conclusion of ch. 12 in the file posted here

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Title: Re: The Unfortunately Realistic, & Under-Stated Effects of U.S. Drug War
Post by: SubliminallyOveranalyzed on August 19, 2015, 03:36:52 PM
ok, this time it it's done for real!  no bullshit   ;D
Title: Re: Drug Wars' Pointless Natures & The In-Progress Revealing of It
Post by: SubliminallyOveranalyzed on August 27, 2015, 01:10:26 AM
Irresponsible use is a choice, just like harming others or one's self.... and often leads to one or both. The current society we live in, being so cautious, fearful, and apprehensive in general, towards anything with potential of harm, does not change the basis of reality, or man's most basic human rights that he is born with, and cannot lose, such as using his 5 senses to see, talk, etc., and what to or not put into his own body and mind, because, who exactly, is the only one DIRECTLY affected by these decisions? The one they originate with, before another takes them away.  So sense there is literally NO alternative answer to that question, and we have established the correct answer that is also literally, NEVER going to change, what right, reason, credibility, or otherwise does anyone have to make that decision for another? 

These most basic decisions that one automatically has with existence, only affect,  have only ever affected, and will only ever affect HIM, and noone else, DIRECTLY. Again, what reason, credility, excuse, exaltation, or reason or quality otherwise, rightfully gives anyone the authority to make those for decisions for another whom they are directly affecting, not him, who has his own to be concerned with, which likewise, affect only him directly, and literally noone else.....................

These simple facts alone, gives the only one who is directly affected, full and unquestionable authority to those things which literally directly affect only him.  Sadly, it is also only him who allows them to be taken, and is at fault for suddenly being without, because such things cannot be lost, only allowed to be taken, or willingly given away, no 3rd option(other than becoming or being mentally or otherwise incapable or unaware  of either grasping the concept of them, and/or the ability to have awareness of their existence). In this particular case, the one's lacking these basic rights, allowed them to be taken by completely equal existing members of their own species. No amount of self, peer or otherwise appointment to power, holds any more or less credibility or official designation, than if any other members of this same species, did, do , or will possibly do that same thing to themselves, and/or random others that it chooses.  Just because one group happens to be perceived and assumed by all to be the REAL authority, does not change the original and basic way they came to be in such positions, which is no different than if any other were to do so in any other way, and merely have it also perceived as instead, being the REAL authority.

Majorities of people that all likewise view a particular group as more or less credible as an authority, than any other group, and a particular group having any more or less credible explanation than another group, as to why it is the OFFICIAL authority, neither changes the basic, nor the un-changing fact that no member of a species has never, and will never be entitled to, able to be appointed to, or in any other way or means, RIGHTFULLY make such decisions for another, whom are LITERALLY, the ONLY one directly affected by them. Now whether that came to be by way of fear, intimidation, physical domination, manipulation, bargaining, accepted norm, or any other way of either forcing or coercing others to give up their most basic rights of existence, and as individuals, does not take any of the accountability away from the ones giving up those rights, it is merely a means of acquiring something. So one urges all to keep this in mind, as one is of the opinion that it helps to keep things in the proper perspective of reality, instead of a perceived reality, which are all too often mistaken for one another.

A war on drugs or ANY other lifeless, inanimate object that does not even have consciousness, awareness, choice or accountability in anything(unlike the humans that use them) is just one more way of controlling people and keeping them in line, and one more thing that holds us back as a species.  And unfortunately, topics this simple and self revealing, remove the majority of room for discussion......well, logical, and reality based discussion, that is; the classic drug-bashing, and typical patriotic sheep's arguments, do not hold any real merit anymore, when faced with fact supported, and well informed counter points that merely present the currently known things, points, and facts of this drug war, it's complete lack of any positive results, and at best, futile nature .

The only thing that needs addressing in the drugs/addiction world, is the people! Not the lifeless and meaningless drugs, that exist and persist regardless. Well, to be more precise and accurate, it's the people's inability and/or choice to allow these lifeless, inanimate drugs to be used without any moderation or self control. Even the healthiest thing that ANYONE can think of to do in this world, is literally not good to do to excess, and without any moderation. It's common fucking sense. Anything, healthy or unhealthy, is not good for you, when used without any moderation or sense of balance. Back to that in a bit..........

There's a thing called Social Hysteria........Social Hysteria is whipped up, generally by the media....Crime~ in Nixon's time, crime was the big social hysteria.  They claimed the courts were coddling the criminals, and crime was rampant and out of control(which is complete bullshit, or so say the facts and statistics from that same period) In response, they got tougher on criminals. They claimed the only way to fix this illusion of danger, was to make tougher laws, enact tougher sentences, more enforcement of both, etc., etc....

Well, obviously a side effect of that, is a good many civil liberties going away with it, in terms of the rights of criminals, and the rights of the accused, people going on trial, etc. Unfortunately, that also has a blanket effect of impacting society as a whole, criminal or not............"more of my civil liberties, hmmmmm? .....guess it'll be ok to continue to trade away a little more of my freedom at a time, in exchange for THE ILLUSION of security and safety, and LITERALLY nothing else."
......One wonders if these types of thoughts, ever even attempt to enter the brains of the weak-minded fuck sticks that mindlessly support shit like being tougher on crime and drugs with less tolerance and longer sentences, and more unimpeded discretion of low level government and local authorities to implicate anyone they choose or deem worthy in such things.

Side note~~One is referring to civil liberties as the rights that were guaranteed by the constitution, and basic freedoms that common sense otherwise deems that every human is inherently born with, or so we thought(this is in the Fascist U.S. , by the way, these particular scenarios)

The biggest social hysteria is drugs, or the drug war, whatever you wanna call it. This ramped up around when Reagan was in office. Big flow of drugs....... the scumbags reasoned~~ we gotta fight the drugs, we need newer, tougher laws; we need draconian sentences; we need to be able to go into houses; we need to be able to take action with just reasonable suspicion, instead of a whole warrant process, and allowing due process, and 4th amendment protection, guaranteed by the constitution that we will eventually try to make completely ineffective at protecting ANY basic human rights; etc, etc.....(one could go on a ways with these, that have been implemented over the years for drugs/new attempts at furthering and/or assuring the control that addressing drugs as a legal/crime/punishment issue gives them(The Scumbags.......I mean, the establishment) ~~~~~~~~~Well, even more obvious that this particular, and on-going round of fear-driven, isolated-incident using as scare tactics, methods,  resulted in considerably more losses of civil liberties and inherent(automatically existing), basic human rights we are born with.

The media whips up the frenzy.......the people (Public;Masses) get all excited; the legislative govt passes it; the president, and other executive govt signs it; the judicial branch ok's  it,; then goes to the state level, and on to the districts, counties, local, city/municipal levels, to be further modified at will by the lower, local ScumBags.......sorry, Establishment,  in charge of such fuckery and tom-foolery.

The latest social hysteria has been terrorism..... you look at the whole 9/11 thing.... very dramatic event and all, but that too, has been used, with the patriot act, to reduce civil liberties and basic human rights....... you know they say, "well if you got nothing to hide, then what are you worried about? nothing to worry about  "          yeah fucking right, tell that to the poor bastards getting out of prison 10, 20 or more years after being wrongfully convicted and imprisoned the whole time, to have DNA and technology exonerate them some decades later........all bullshit.... there is no justifying of anyone taking the choice for another, of what to and not to put into one's OWN body, and even further exalt oneself to from here on, deem these basic human rights of other's, to be permanently banned and/or controlled........but ONLY apply it, conveniently to certain things, while leaving much more dangerous chemicals, completely legal and obtainable to anyone with an id to hurt others or themself basically punish ONLY for these conscious altering substances, that are, realistically, much less dangerous than things like certain mercury salts, or countless others, that are readily available, with just an id and a reasonable sounding purpose for them to be used on. 

Humans are fucked, in terms of a future and advancement of any kind as a species...... what great fucking gifts, that were given to a pathetically weak-minded, self-limiting group like we are..... to let religious superstition rule us and be used for as long as it has, by the ScumBags....., sorry..... establishment, to control and keep people in line......and then foolishly continue to embrace it, even after irrefutable proof and evidence is submitted, showing that such is not even a plausibly entertainable notion, much less something to structure one's life around and infect their children and upcoming generations with, who as a result, are then burdened with the task of eventually coming to terms with everything they know being completely false, and have to, in a sense, start from square one, in terms of basic origins and core beliefs, standards, and morals to which one adheres.

One would think that the intentionally aware act of emotionally, mentally, and progressively crippling and infecting of one's own surviving and fellow species members, would rate somewhere on the crime and punishment list also, along with drugs and their use, since we're into the act of making basic human rights, like deciding what to and not to put into one's own body a punishable fucking crime! And if by chance we cannot use the crime and punishment answer for everything fucking else system, to address this with, perhaps some of these self-limiting fairy tales of religions that abound, reserve special seats in their afterlife cities of suffering and flames and pain for such upstanding citizens? Any takers? Anyone not agree ? Well, sadly, if so, logic and reason here in reality, DO agree! ( as long as this is still the world where two plus two equals fucking four, that is!)

Drug war, Ha!~~ it's one thing to blindly follow it for a period of time like we have for all these years of taking it at face value and not questioning it, like it should have been....... But it's quite another, to come to an impasse of having not just the reality of the situation pointed out, summed up and presented to one, but also the verifiable proof of the futility of this approach, by simply compare and contrasting the well known and worthless ways of old, with new discoveries, revelations, and/or even mere suggestions of other, more effective possiblilities to take into consideration.

No, can't do that..... gotta do like my good Uncle Sam taught the ones who taught me, to gauge my whole reality in this way, and from this perspective....... and anything outside of that existence, is to be marginalized, and made out to be a paranoid, conspiracy buff, or other wise crazy or paranoid group or person...... this comes back to the age old concept of "othering" ........or the not one of us implication, to one's friends, acquaintances, etc....... and then the same sheep, usually refer to this "crazy conspiracy buff" type with mildly humorous disdain, and sometimes even a dash of pitied endearment thrown in the mix.......awwww, one loves it when close-minded brainwashing takes on the adorable quality of endearment and affection, in the midst of their basking in their presumed existence actually being the fairy tale they give it credit to be.........                                                                                             

All the fact finding and puzzle piecing is already conveniently compiling, presenting, and summarizing this analysis and comparison of the two.. just the statistical percentage numbers alone, taken from all these years of having the drug war approach in action, of things like drug use rates, average adolescent age of first use, regular use rates of all age groups, recidivism(returning) to incarceration for similar crimes rates, and several other similar categories, speak volumes by theirselves. 

And considering the failure that those numbers + our past and present states of overall progress against these drugs are, one wouldn't think it would be too hard to conclude that the people this crime and punishment approach is supposedly in-place to protect, are in NO way getting any protection OR benefit from it! Eventually, this information also reveals the fact that such pursuits like the war on drugs, are a highly underrated, and quite simple method of control....... maybe we should at least vaguely entertain the notion, that the scumbags, sorry, the establishment, might possibly have a whole lot to lose from not having the control over the public that the crime and punishment approach for drugs gives them(not to mention the new financial woes and losses  they incur from such realizations of uselessness.)

To continue to mindlessly support and worthlessly defend such useless and unrealistic bullshit, that has been far past outright disproved, and shown to be completely ineffective....... it's honestly fucking astonishing! at new levels even!! ignorance and weak-minded, blind followings, such as this......  one never ceases to be amazed, i tell you, by the capacity of the human mind, to resist anything new and useful, regardless of how direct, plain and straight forward it is shown to be, and no matter how much it disproves one's old ways, thoughts, beliefs, customs, laws, etc, or any other applicable thing that the faithful supporters of the establishment desperately cling to in such times of potential advancement and furthering of one's species as a whole.

fucking amazing

but, once again, a futile topic, at best, to attempt with a persistently non-progressing collective of mentalities and mind frames, surrounding one on all sides(not referring to most here on the board[vesp], the majority one has encountered, seem surprisingly, both willing and capable(& some even in the process of such things!)of actual progress for yourselves and your species.... no you know who the fuck i'm talking about though, don't act like you don't know a bunch of these close-minded fucks!)......

So, once again, I digress, and implore you to resume, whatever the hell it was mission you were on, prior to encountering this rant of a fruitless opinion, regarding the bucket-of-piss future awaiting this parasitic and diseased constituency of a species of ours'

Break from what you know.......And you will know more !!!
Title: Re: Drug Wars' Pointless Natures & The In-Progress Revealing of It
Post by: SubliminallyOveranalyzed on August 29, 2015, 05:28:10 PM
shit, typed that about 3 paragraphs away from where it was supposed to be typed lol,   oh'll fix it here in a bit
Title: Re: Drug Wars' Pointless Natures & The In-Progress Revealing of It
Post by: Zippy on August 29, 2015, 06:54:42 PM
Just so you know, I actually read what you write, so don't feel like you're just talking in a empty room.

& kinda agree with you for the most part.  I am almost inspired to go spray paint "Fuck teh Pigs! Drugs are GOOD! mmmkay" somewhere.