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Harmine / DMT extraction with AcOH/NaCl

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I recently stumbled over the AcOH/NaCl Harmine extraction tech.
Did anyone ever use it successfully ?

The crushed seeds of Peganum Harmala are covered with three times their weight of water containing 30 g of acetic acid per liter of water [white vinegar is about 50g / l or 5 %]. The seeds swell as they absorb the liquid and form a thick dough which is pressed after 2-3 days. The pressed seeds are once more treated as above with twice their weight of dilute acetic acid and, after maceration, the liquid is again pressed out. To the combined liquors, sodium chloride [that's table salt, man] (100g. / liter of liquid) is added to transform the acetates of harmine and harmaline into the hydrochlorides which are insoluble in cold sodium chloride solutions and are precipitated during cooling. The supernatant liquid is siphoned off, the crystalline residue filtered with suction and redissolved in hot water. Addition of sodium chloride to the filtered solution causes the precipitation of the hydrochlorides as a crystalline mush

I wondered if one couldn't use this to get DMT.

The merck sez DMT is well soluble in dil. AcOH so, why not ?

My DMT-variation looks like this:

100g of MHRB contains ca. 700mg DMT. If we get 60% of the alkaloids
out this would be 420mg.

Grind the 100g MHRB in a coffe-grinder or similar.
Place them in a glass-pot and add 400ml 10% AcOH [more/less conc.?].
Then put the lid on and place it in a slow-cooker or let it simmer on low heat for 12h. Filter out the powder, save the liquid. Press out the
remaining liquid and reuse the powder for a 2nd extraction [maybe 3 extr.?]. Combine the liquids. Add 300g NaCl. [(Place in the fridge for ??h)??]

You now have DMT-HCl crystals sitting at the bottom. Filter.
Boil 100ml water and throw the filtrate in. Let cool, add 36g NaCl, filter and dry.

I would highly appreciate any comments as to why this should work or not.


Hi psyloxy,

MHRB? Mimosa hostilis root bark? I just flew over your post, and I'll have to
read it again properly, but DMT HCl crystals seems highly unlikely to me.
It's just too much of a bitch. Plus: Mimosa hostilis contains sapo-
nines and stuff like this. A real bitch, so you'd better consider multiple
waashings with organics etc. , you know the good ol' A/B.


-- phaidon, son of apollon

I scorched the Earth, now what do I do tomorrow?

Well, I'm not after mega-pure crystals. Some concentrated goo or something like this is absolutely enough for my hypothetical purposes.
MHRB = mimosa hostillis root bark, right.


I did this harmala-extraction many times and also thought about (and tried) doing the same thing on a DMT extract. It didn't work. I'm not exactly sure why but my guess is this: With a harmala extract the yields are gigantic compared with a DMT extract. The basic idea with this harmala extraction is that NaCl is more sol. in water than is harmine/harmaline and therefore the NaCl will push the h/h out of the solution.

I don't know if NaCl is more sol. in water than is DMT (it probably is). This method could (maybe) be performed on a DMT extract if this extract is concentrated enough (the problem is that with these DMT extracts there is too much junk compared with this DMT so reducing the volume of the extract will probably not help).

Hope this helps you out.

P.S. Getting the DMT from the plantmatter is a far more complicated thing than cleaning it up when you do.

Vae victis meretrix est et mors venit.

For ingestible goo your better off just boiling the plant matter in acidic water (pH5ish), filtering it, and boiling again till your left with a sludge. For smoking you really need an a/b


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