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I'm almost 100% sure that you can't but.. Is there any possibility of converting AMT(a-MethylTryptamine) to AET(a-EthylTryptamine?

Thought so :) Brain farts just happen ;) Do you know of any substitue for LAH?

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I don't know of a direct substitute for LAH. But there is almost always an alternatice synthetic way. Think of the nitrostyrene reduction: Shulgin uses LAH all the time. but you can also do it with [NaBH4 + NiCl2] or electrolytically or first reduce the double bond with NaBH4, then the nitro group. Or you could go the phenylethanol --> phenylethyl-iodid --> PEA way... this is what I love about organic chemistry.


Yeh I just see DET. But it doesn't mean that it isn't illegal (I don't know Canadian laws that much).. They might have an analogue act?

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