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An Idea for AMT and AET



Indole-3-COH + EtNO2 --> Indole-3-CH=C(NO2)-CH3

Indole-3-CH=C(NO2)-CH3 + SnCl2*2H2O --> Indole-3-CH2-C(=NOH)-CH3

Indole-3-CH2-C(=NOH)-CH3 + NaHSO4 --> Indole-3-CH2-C(=O)-CH3

Indole-3-CH2-C(=O)-CH3 + Mg + AcONH4 + AcOH + MeOH --> AMT
[or use any other ketone --> amine method you like]

AET: just use nitropropane.

Looks quite nice to me. If it works, great. The chems are no problem to get. Nitropropane is legal like NaCl. NaHSO4, SnCl2*H2O and Mg/AcOH/AcONH4/MeOh are also no problem.

But what about indole-3-COH ? It could be that it is expensive as hell.
Couldn't one make it from indole [which is cheap I think] ?

What about this:

 Indole + HCOH + (Me)2NH --> Indole-CH2-N(Me)2 [that works for sure]

 Indole-CH2-N(Me)2 + oxidizing agent --> Indole-COH + HN(Me)2



You can buy indole-3-CHO a.k.a. indole-3-carboxaldehyde from either a chem supplier or our
beloved overly expensive JLF. (Think it 's quite expensive, that is), they got 5-MeO-I-3-CHO
as well but that's at $95 / gr. I think. Check their site.


-- phaidon, son of apollon

I scorched the Earth, now what do I do tomorrow?

There is a procedure for making indole-3-CHO from indole in

Ok, ok, forget about indole-3-carboxaldehyd for a moment.
I just want to hear that magical 'yes' or 'no'. I mean, it looks quite plausible but so have other things to me that were worth shit in the end.


I see no reason for your synth to not work in theory, but there could be a few modifications:

Nitroalkene => indolylacetone could be done with Fe/acetic acid as in Pihkal #109.
Indolylacetone => AMT could be done with NaBH3CN or NaBH to increase yields.


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