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french cops seize supposed "ecstasy", turns out to be haribo strawberries


Have a look at this: hxxps://
Its hilarious!
The requirements for cops to get into this job are steadily decreasing everywhere(i.e. cops are less educated now aka dumber), and I guess thats what you get when you save money on the wrong end ::)

Great, now I would like to have a bag of those strawberries...  :-X

Ecstasy for your tongue ;)

Attention, sourcing! Haribo primavera, tasty!
I guess I will eat a whole bag in one sitting after I received my next CBD order and turned it into synthweed :D

I have a friend who was arrested for possession of ecstasy, LSD, and methamphetamine because of melatonin pills in his pants pocket that tripped the field tests. He was in acute psychosis from some hallucinogen and running around the municipal building half-naked (shirt only, no pants) screaming at people. When the police found his pants, they discovered “pills containing LSD.”

I was serving grand jury earlier this year and a cop on the drug task force was giving testimony. At one point he mentioned “a quarter ounce” and the prosecutor asked him to clarify the weight in grams. The cop didn’t know. This cop also blew a 3-month wiretap investigation by pulling over a junkie who recognized him from another town and knew he had no business being in an unmarked police car a few towns over.

Oh my God, such a liability!

I am always amazed at the caliber of person who ends up as a cop. A job as complicated and serious as law enforcement should have requirements analogous to the stringent reqs of the medical industry.

Low bars!


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