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cute little meth lab in manila found

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Take a look:
A south korean man had this tiny cooking place besides his crapping place... isn't it just cute?

Although thats not a fucking lab, its a cooking place and nothing else.

His bath looks like he had a gf though :D
You see that, is that decorative soap?
Thats what I mean :D

I don't know what that other stuff is though, maybe some sort of push-pull setup or what?
The resolution is not good enough to make this out.

E: decorative soap, yeah... it was a fucking plastic keck clamp :D
And now I can make details out!
Its apparently just the water supply for a dest. setup ::)

Johnathan Ferrous:
Is that a goddamn rb suspended by some fuckin shoelace?

You know, japanese gals think small versions of things are very very cute.
Look at this tiny dog, I'm going to put it in my tiny purse.

I think that's actually on the internet somewhere.

Can you imagine this guy trynna pinch one off while cooking?

Also Carl are you high right now?
Or earlier, is what I mean. You made a couple of these threads.

I can't imagine facing the death penalty for getting caught with a fucking $45 deschem distillation kit.  The ignorant fucks at Tempo don't even realize that THAT AIN'T (obviously) even set up at the moment to actually "cook dope", and certainly ain't sophisticated enough to even steam distill any methamphetamine base out of a reaction mixture. Or properly purify solvents or anything else.

Yet its still worth the death penalty in that fucked up little piece of hell that Duerte has turned the Phillipines into.  Compared to Phillipines, Malaysia and Singapore Angola(Prison) in Lose-ee-AN-uh* looks absolutely progressive.

*Louisiana, for those that don't speak redneck phonetic spelling

*edit* yes, that is yarn supporting the glass.

Actually conditions at Angola (hellish) are superior to probably 80 per cent of the other state prisons in that location....that is NOT the state to get caught in, believe me.

It's really a pretty miserable place in general.


There are places in africa were weather is not very friendly. Like in Kinshasa average high temperature is 30.4 C / 86.7 F around year. And average humidity is 80 %. So every day you would be sitting in sauna possibly even 16 hours a day, and that’s just average, some days could be much more intense than that.

That gives an average ”Heat Index Temperature: 39°C (102°F or 312K)
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