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well, this one had to come up eventually, since it has been around for a while and has become recently available by a popular source of 'pure compounds'. I am curious to see if anyone has had any experience with this one.  The low dosage threshold is intriguing, but the actual effects are difficult to interpret from Tihkal.  I have seen one brief mention of this compound somewhere else, where the poster described it as 'seductive', quoting Shulgin's description, though the latter context was pharmacological, while the poster was referring to the effects.
Also, if this compound holds some potential, perhaps 5meo-AET is not out of question for legal analog status.  I am curious to know how much of the AMT like effects come through with the 5meo-...



alpha,O-dimethylserotonin is definately one of the things you should acquire and blow into one
of your little lab animals, like rats and fish and stuff. See whether tey like it, my lab animals
like snorting till their brains drop dead.
Intriguing compound, yeah, but I think that there's no choice but to wait for reports to come
in, since it's so "unknown", but the amount of legal tender involved is certainly favourable.


-- phaidon, son of apollon

I scorched the Earth, now what do I do tomorrow?

I was hoping someone would respond to this. Very intersting compound indeed, does anyone else have a source besides JLF?

This isn't the motherfucking acquisition forum, but [source name deleted] has had it since ever. They also have 5-MeO-DPT and 5-MeO-DET. So there. But their price is 425 bucks a g.


Hm, guys, just a thought here. Has anyone ever thought about this substance causing
genuine neurological poisoning? I mean, we're THAT close to a neurotransmitter here
and I might think that this could greatly disturb existing vital pathways and neuronal
complexes. (Yeah, I know, drugs do that anyways, it's just the order of magnitude I'm worried
about here!) Any comments?


-- phaidon, son of apollon

I scorched the Earth, now what do I do tomorrow?


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