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Harmine / DMT extraction with AcOH/NaCl

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Hey bees!

Just gotta say that I once did this MHRB A/B extraction and it really sucked. ^@*/%$ emulsions and
that kind of crap. What came out? Gooey shit that was completely inactive. It really sucks.
I am still wondering if there's something about this root bark that screws the thang up so badly.

Anyone can offer any hints as to how "properly" pulverize MHRB? I got some shipped from Mexico
long time ago and I send it through a "Haecksler" (god, w. t. f. is that in English?) to get it into
some kind of useable form. That stuff is haaaaard!


-- phaidon, son of apollon

I scorched the Earth, now what do I do tomorrow?

i tried this extraction with acetic acid and napth. i only managed to get an orange oil.
the mhrb can be easily powdered in a coffee grinder. i think the main key to success is the non-polar solvent used. I used ronsonol lighter fluid and i think it had diffiulties drawing the dmt out despite heating. i had to stir vigorously which resulted in nasty emulsions. The successful accoutns i have read used VM&P naptha. A de-fatting step should also be used whatever method of extraction you choose

Also DCM (Methylene chloride) seems to work, for some people.


I don't know on what kind of planet you people live, but my "coffee grinder" was completely
MASHED UP BEYOND ANY HOPE FOR REPAIR when I tried pulverizing MHRB with it. Strange world.

-- phaidon, son of apollon

I scorched the Earth, now what do I do tomorrow?

Neuron> Some time ago I stumbled across an old Lycaeumdiscussion about DMT extractions (got it at home if you want it). The main discussion was about the use of naphta. I'm sure you've read Yoda's DMT extraction method. the end of this discussion (it goes on forever....but is extremely interresting) they came up with a revised Yoda's E.M.

Oh they also discuss the best plants for DMT extraction.

Vae victis meretrix est et mors venit.


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