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BDO in Australia

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didn't even look :)
I thought it was,4-Butanediol?
could be wrong

Oh yes that's almost certainly what it is, now seeing 1,4-BDO around. 


--- Quote ---1,4-butanediol IS captured by:

the industry-based PACIA Code of Practice for Supply Diversion to Illicit Drug Manufacture (PACIA Code). This Code has been developed in consultation with law enforcement authorities to control supply of certain substances, including 1,4-butanediol now listed as an Illicit Drug Precursor (Category 1). Three Australian states (NSW, QLD and WA) have legislated to make elements of the PACIA Code mandatory and other states are developing regulations.

1,4-butanediol is NOT listed in:

the Hazardous Substances Information System (HSIS), and
the Australian Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations which cover the import/export of drugs and certain precursor substances used in the manufacture of illicit drugs. However, GHB (gamma-hydroxbutyrate—see above) is classified as a psychotropic substance and listed as a prohibited import that requires import authorisation.
--- End quote ---

Of course they will be more suspicious of large orders. A single liter doesn't scream distribution but 200 certainly would. They would most likely think you are trying to make GHB, however BDO can be ingested and gets metabolized to the drug, anyway. I'm not sure which is better or worse but a chemical supplier in another country might not say anything to NICNAS since they don't have to. Then you would need to worry about customs.

All this is rather useless since it's such a simple compound and relatively easy to make, and GBL is even easier. For the latter just do a Sandmeyer reaction with GABA in H2O to turn the amine group into an alcohol. For BDO, the classical approach is acetylene + formaldehyde and then hydrogenate the alkyne, but there have been many recent articles outlining simple bio-synthetic approaches, and one could even use pentoses to get furfural via dehydration then decarbonylation of the aldehyde to furan, and finally hydrolysis to BDO. Here are a bunch of others:

I'm sure about 217 other ways could be found with a bit of creativity. Industrially, people are obviously trying to cut costs as much as they can.


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