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Title: gasing byproduct?
Post by: methlab on January 19, 2004, 12:50:00 AM
Hi! Maybe this is a stupid question, but: what else can be produced, when i gas the Xylene with HCl gas? This time i had some much white stuff swirling around, that i could not check if there are more MDMA christals (?) forming. The dried white stuff tastes bitter and maybe a little bit salty?
What will be produced if, say the Al/Hg has failed or another problem occured. I can not believe, that this huge mass of white stuff is just MDMA? I dissolved the freebase in 10% HCl, separated from Xylene, washed with clean NP. Then i added 10% NaOH until white clouds occured. Checked the PH, it was about 12. Then extracted again with 250ml Xylene, i shaked hard and there was a 2cm layer between the water and the Xylene. Is this normal, or have a just shaked too hard? The layer decreased to about 1cm thickness after 1 hour... :-[