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Moscow without drugs: the largest laboratory liquidated
Ministry of Internal Affairs: the largest drug laboratory in Russia has been liquidated in the Moscow Region
11/19/2019, 09:57

Law enforcement authorities liquidated the largest synthetic drug production laboratory in the country over the past few years. The illegal enterprise produced 1.5 tons of banned substances every month, which were then distributed via the Internet. Two chemists, a courier and the alleged organizer of the laboratory, were detained. They face imprisonment up to life.
In Moscow, the largest illicit substance production laboratory in Russia over the past few years has been liquidated. According to the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Irina Volk , about 1.5 tons of synthetic drugs were produced there every month.

Illegal production was located in the Serpukhov district in the south of the region on the premises of a former farm on a plot with a total area of about 4 hectares, the representative of the department noted. Law enforcers detained drug lab workers red-handed - during the operation, the production process in the shops was in full swing.
During the searches, 100 kg of drugs in crystallized form were seized, 1.5 tons in liquid form, 4 tons of chemical reagents, over 600 kg of precursors, seven chemical reactors worth from 200 to 500 thousand rubles. each and different laboratory equipment.
Three suspects in the production and distribution of drugs were detained at the scene - a courier-mortgage agent and chemists-technologists. All of them are citizens of Ukraine. Later, the alleged organizer of the laboratory was installed and also detained.
At the request of the investigation, they were all arrested. A preliminary investigation of the criminal group is ongoing.
The investigation found that the group acted according to a clearly structured criminal scheme - from drug production to their sale. Sales were carried out through the online store on the darknet, the shadow part of the network.

A criminal case has been instituted on the fact of illegal production and sale of drugs on an especially large scale (part 3 of article 30, part 5 of article 228.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Arrestees face 15 years in prison up to life.
As noted in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as a result of the operation, law enforcement authorities stopped 18 drug deliveries to the Novosibirsk, Tver, Vladimir, Kursk, Kaluga, Arkhangelsk regions, Tatarstan, Buryatia, Khabarovsk and Primorsky Territories. “In addition, the retail chains of illicit substances in four regions of Russia have been eliminated,” said Wolf.

On the eve of November 18, the FSB announced another drug laboratory identified in the Moscow Region. The department explained that the citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukraine were engaged in the production and distribution through the Internet of especially large batches of synthetic drugs.
Three suspected drug dealers were detained in the act. Law enforcers ransacked private homes and seized the drug mephedrone, a cheap chemical analogue of cocaine, weighing more than 41 kg, as well as at least 500 liters of drug-containing liquid, laboratory equipment, and chemical reagents, the FSB said.
A criminal case has been instituted against detainees under an article on the manufacture of narcotic drugs on an especially large scale (part 5 of article 228.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).
On November 13, the FSB also reported that agency officials liquidated one of the largest online stores in the Russian darknet that was distributing drugs.

Market couriers delivered prohibited substances from St. Petersburg to Tomsk.
“440 kg of drugs (MDMA, a-PVP, mephedrone, hash) were seized from illegal trafficking,” the FSB said. Specialists estimate the retail value of the seized drugs at 650 million rubles.
The liquidation operation of the online store was carried out in the Tver, Voronezh, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Orenburg, Saratov, Tyumen, Tomsk and Chelyabinsk regions. As a result, seven employees of the online platform were detained, all of them worked as couriers. Among the citizens held accountable, there is not a single organizer of the store.
According to operational data, two of the detained couriers were responsible for particularly large parties - they delivered up to 300 kg of drugs from Moscow and St. Petersburg to regional cities. Another five people transported smaller lots of up to 50 kg to various regions.

With regard to couriers, the FSB investigative unit opened seven criminal cases under the article on the illegal production, sale or transfer of narcotic drugs (part 5 of article 228.1 of the Criminal Code). Now they are all in jail .

“440 kg of drugs (MDMA, a-PVP, mephedrone, hash) were seized from illegal trafficking,” the FSB said. Specialists estimate the retail value of the seized drugs at 650 million rubles.

(quick translation)
News / They dismantled the largest clandestine synthetic drug laboratory in Russia
« Last post by capableshark on November 19, 2019, 10:59:13 PM »
The police seized 100 kilograms of narcotics in the form of crystals, 1.5 tons of liquid narcotics, 4 tons of chemical reagents and more than 600 kilograms of precursors. The organization sold the substances online.

(original in Russian - the video is quite illustrative)
Harm Reduction Resources / Re: if you must use drugs should know this,
« Last post by chip on November 18, 2019, 08:48:35 AM »
Harm Reduction Resources / On Selective Enforcement
« Last post by turbulentflow on November 16, 2019, 08:46:13 PM »
Hey all,

I know this may be a little irregular, but I figured that you all probably know quite a bit more about safe lab/drug use practices than I do, so i thought I'd do something a little different for my harm reduction write up. So, let me tell y'all about selective enforcement.

Waaaaaaaay back in the day, when your good pal turbulentflow was but a wee baby wasp, they went to a preschool. This preschool, like most, had a number of rules in place that the children were expected to follow. All the usual stuff you'd expect: don't fight, don't steal, don't leave the school without your parents. But, you see, there was this one rule in particular that really pissed off baby turbulentflow. None of the children were allowed to play with sticks longer than their arms.

Now, turbulentflow was generally a good baby wasp and tried not to break the rules too much (they really didn't like getting in trouble). But turbulentflow saw that all the other children were playing with sticks bigger than their arms, and that none of them were getting in trouble. So, turbulentflow went and found a thin little birch switch just a little longer than their arm and picked it up. Sure enough, nothing happened. Turbulentflow even walked right past a teacher waving their stick around and they didn't do anything.

Awash in the glow of this newfound freedom, turbulentflow put down their tiny little switch and went straight for the biggest, gnarliest, thickest hulk of wood they could carry in their young arms and hucked it straight at the face of the mean girl who took turbulentflow's lunch money every day. The teacher came over right away, took away turbulentflow's stick, and turbulentflow got slapped with 25 to life in kiddie prison.

But something else happened, something very interesting. Not only did turbulentflow get their stick taken away, but all the other kiddies who were playing innocently waving their sticks around and hurting nobody had their sticks taken away too. You see, even though the teachers didn't really care that those kids had sticks longer than their arms, they'd just used the rule to stop turbulentflow from hurting another kid, so they had to start enforcing the rule (or else turbulentflow might have complained that the rule was enforced unfairly!).

I think that's something that everyone involved with drugs (but especially chemists!) absolutely has to keep in mind. Now, is Leo going to look the other way for your meth lab the same way turbulentflow's teacher looked the other way for the kids playing with sticks? Probably not. But people often operate under the assumption that all laws are enforced and investigated equally, when this is anything but true.

Sure, once you have the cops busting down your door, saying "but I followed proper safety procedures your honor" isn't gonna help much. But, acting in a responsible and safe manner can go quite a ways towards preventing that from happening. Not only will following proper laboratory procedure prevent the type of catastrophic accidents that would get Leo to your lab in a jiffy ("It was a gas explosion officer, I swear! Never mind all that glassware and precursor chemicals!"), but it will help in smaller ways too, ways you won't see or notice.

People are much more observant and intelligent than we often give them credit for. Obviously you should do everything in your power to ensure nobody has any idea what you're doing, but on the off chance somebody notices a smell or recognizes a chemical, they're much less likely to do anything about it if they can see your operation is being run safely. Someone dumping untreated chemicals in the river? Probably going to get reported if anybody notices. Somebody safely disposing of neutralized chemicals embedded in concrete? Now that's something the average Joe might just be willing to look the other way on.

And it goes beyond the risk to you personally, too. Every meth lab explosion, every clandestine chemist caught poisoning a town's water supply, every user who dies from an impure product only serves to cement in the public consciousness the connection between clandestine chemistry and irresponsible behavior. So, when your shit safety protocols inevitably get you caught, it won't just be you who suffers, every single clandestine chemist will suffer from the increased public pressure to crack down on us (not to mention the people you'll hurt or kill with your reckless behavior).

So, in conclusion, don't be an ass. Follow proper safety procedure (and if you don't know what that is, figure that shit out BEFORE starting a fucking meth lab). Not only is it just the right thing to do, but it will help keep you and all other clandestine chemists out of trouble.
News / Re: Pink Cocaine
« Last post by Antlerchem on November 15, 2019, 07:32:02 PM »
A friend send to analize this pink coke
And it resulted ketamine mdma and cafeine
This pink coke has nothing to do with 2-CB
Harm Reduction Resources / Re: if you must use drugs should know this,
« Last post by dopamine on November 10, 2019, 02:55:42 PM »
I guess I should probably add
Im really impressed with this site. their editors are awesome and ensure that all information  is as accurate and detailed as possible, and all content is high quality and  written in an encyclopedic tone, they are setting the bar in my opinion.
News / Re: Autofellatio
« Last post by carl on November 09, 2019, 07:47:42 PM »
The hive was a place I met a few chicks at
No wonder you guys didn't re-invented the wheel with all the girls to distract you back then! :D
Nowadays, its an almost complete sausage fest and look how many of the things that were discussed ad absurdum back then and never tried were finally done, tried and proven by us ;)

E: we couldn't have done it without the work done back then of course :)
News / Autofellatio
« Last post by HoH419 on November 09, 2019, 07:17:20 PM »
The hive was the one place I could go to be sexually harassed by Osmium in exchange for spoon feeding, bullied by Unob on the couch, kick it with Stoni my birthday buddy, and pester Rhodium with questions Osmium didn't bother to answer. The hive was a place I met a few chicks at, 2 of which travelled coast to coast to meet me, one of which took a greyhound the entire way. Another 2 I met thanks to the man with a bee on his hand. Good guy, I hope he's doing well and thank GOD for the hookup, it was cool meeting him as well although out of the 5 gallons of 1,4 BDO all but 100ml went to waste but the glassware was put to good use. Wyndo, sorry I flaked at the festival. My paranoia was justified. Never met spitball but Craig (foo) says what's up; I had the pleasure of getting to know him. And last but not least, Worlock for being the first person I chatted with. The guy was so cool he offered to send me a bit of red phosphorus to get my chemistry career off the ground. No offense for declining man, I'd rather play it safe and work on my acquisition skills. Scored 500g a few days before the ban and on my way down south I had a bout of paranoia and tossed my last 50g out the window along some rural stretch of highway.

Ahh the good ol' days. Came a long ways and still got a ways to go! 2
News / Re:
« Last post by Impossible on November 09, 2019, 12:20:21 AM »
I'd give my left nut to get an archive of thezonez with "all" the boards. 
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