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safrol question
« on: January 19, 2004, 01:50:00 PM »
i started to extract safrol from sassafras oil by freezing it out i got about 60ml of safrol from 100 by this methode. now i know that there is more safrol so i went on with destiling the rest about 40ml it was dificult because its my first try with destilation(i tried to learn the destilation by this so it took me 4 tryes before i got this result) so here comes my question from the 40ml i got some 25-30ml but its not safrole colour its yellowish of colur it smels of safrole it reflekts light. but it dose not look like the safrole i got from freezing methode. is this safrole or what.

i vacuum destiled it at 120 mmHg it came over at 185-190C.


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safrol is waterwhite and refracts the light...
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2004, 04:52:00 PM »
Hi! I am newbee too, started one month ago. Today i consumed my first product, it worked !
I did not feeze the oil, since distillazion is the easiest part. I bought a water aspirator and distilled the sassafras oil. If you don't get waterwhite oil, this must be a forerun or something else. Don't know what quality your sassafrasoil is. But be careful, most of them do not contain safrole. You have to use real essential oil, which was very hard to get for me in europe. Mine had >92% safole (chinese sassioil) and i got about 900g Safrole from 1l of sassioil.  I did not have a forerun or so. Just put it in the distilling flask, carefully greased the joints with vaseline and heated up the oilbath. When all the safrole is gone, the temperature decreases rapidly, this tells you,  that there is no more safrole left in the distilling flask. You should end up with some dark brown rest. Depending of your oil you will get more or less out of it. Under max power withh my aspirator, the oiltemp was about 125 C, safrole came over at between 98-105C in my case. This is the easiest step, so you should be successful, if you have good oil. If i can help you, just let me know, greetings  :)