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A/B ?
« on: May 18, 2003, 11:37:00 AM »
I am reading the MadMax A/B and he says:

If the freebase is basified and extracted with toluene, then the toluene washed with acidic water, the freebase will form hydrochloride salt and dissolve into water.
Sounds great.

What if the freebase if basified, and separated. Then if you put the freebase in acidic water (ala BrightStar) will it dissolve? In swim's experience, no.
BrightStar's A/B:

The next two paragraphs out line a procedure known as an Acid/Base extraction. This works very well for our target molecule, and any molecule that contains an amino group. If the next two paragraphs are not done, then plan on not having any crystals when you're done.

After the alcohol has all gone, Take the brown oil that is left and put it into 500mL of ~0.5M HCl solution (470mL water + 30mL of Muriatic Acid). Stir or shake it up. A lot of the brown oil should go into the acid solution. Now pour into this solution 30mL of DCM. Shake again and let it settle. You will notice two layers formed - The top layer is the Aqueous layer - which CONTAINS your product, and the bottom layer contains the DCM, polymerized crap, and non Nitrogen containing molecules. Pour off the top layer (That CONTAINS your product) and discard the DCM layer. Wash the Aqueous layer again with 30mL of DCM, and repeat the process. NOTE that the AQUEOUS LAYER CONTAINS THE PRODUCT - DO NOT DISCARD THE AQUEOUS LAYER! You can discard the DCM washes, because they contain nothing useful what-so-ever. Discard!


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And your questions is ...?
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2003, 12:31:00 PM »
Then if you put the freebase in acidic water (ala BrightStar) will it dissolve? In swim's experience, no.
Is this your question?

MDMA freebase will dissolve in acidic water. If you have something that will not dissolve in acidic water then that something is not MDMA freebase.

When you are quoting something you should put the quotation in italics or a different color so that it is easy to discern the quoted material from your own commentary.