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Leuckarts with Pd/C questions
« on: July 03, 2004, 09:36:00 PM »
G'day, I'm just taking down some notes, to work out the best (easiest) way from P2P's to amphetamine. (just because it's an easier place to arrive at for beginners)
I started getting interested in the Leuckart reaction a few weeks ago and the reports seem very varied. I had been wondering if catalysts would improve things in this reaction, and then I found this variation using a Pd/C catalyst...

[Reductive amination of ketones using Pd/C and formic acid]

The only thing is, they don't start with any ketones with a benzene ring by the looks of it, is that important? (Some of the starting materials gave a 0% yield, when certain amines were used.)

In section 4.2.1, they run the reaction overnight at room temperature, should I take from that that some ketones are too sensitive to run at higher temperatures?

Any idea what a temperature and reaction time would be a good place to start with, using P2P as the starting ketone?

I really like the look of this synth. I like the one ning posted too, using oxalate in the reaction instead. LAter on, after some experiments, do you think it would be worthwhile using a Pd or Pt catalyst with that particular synthesis? :)


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sorry for the stupid questions
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This explains a lot:

Post 508257

(armageddon: "CTH à la Sunlight - revisited", Methods Discourse)

and several other posts.