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Practical A/B extraction info
« on: August 04, 2003, 06:22:00 AM »

So let's look at some potential applications and other methods of utilizing these properties.  I suppose the first that comes to mind is freebase cocaine and/or crack.  I have read the conspiracy theories about the CIA introducing crack to fund it's covert operations.  I have also read a theory that crack was introduced as a way for dealers to test purity.  Bear with me, I have never taken a Chemistry class, so if I make any incorrect statements please correct me and revise them.
  In the case of cocaine, the hydrochloride salt is destroyed by heat before it vaporizes, while the freebase vaporizes before it  is destroyed thus enabling the user to smoke it.  Now I know back in the 70's they sold freebase kits that contained small vials, solvents and an acid and a base with instuctions telling the user how to do it.  I tend to think that nowadays using baking soda is a more common (and less explosive method).  Granted it is going to yeild an inferior product but there is much to be said for simplicity and discretion (you can buy baking soda anywhere).  My under-standing is that it goes something like this:  In a large metal spoon a measure of cocaine is dissolved in water.  This process is hastend by the addition of heat (a flame to the bottom), once it is completely dissolved lower the heat so it is simmering and start adding baking soda by the pinchful.  Once enough has been added for the mixture to become basic, the cocaine will no longer be water soluble and will coagulate on the surface as a thick oil (I am told it looks like snot).  At this point one would remove it from  heat and allow it to cool slightly.  The cocaine freebase can then be fished out with a toothpick or other instrument, pushing it together into clumps (rocks) and once the clumps are dry (often placed on paper towels) they can be used as needed.  One of those uses could be to weigh what you put in and what you get out and get an approximate (and fallible) idea of potency.  Or you could smoke it.
  Next, you could also go the other way around.  If one had cocaine freebase it could be made water soluble by dissolving it in acidic water.  To put it bluntly, if you were to dissolve crack in vinegar you could inject it (or whatever else you want to do with a solution of cocaine and acetic acid).  As has been previously stated, trying to evaporate water is a pain and although I am sure it is possible I have never heard of a really easy OTC way to turn freebase back into dry hydrochloride powder.
  I assume these approaches would work with the other drugs any AB extraction would work with.  I have read that junkies add a little lemon juice or vinegar to the solution they are preparing for injection to help speed the dissolving of their smack but I have never heard of anyone making freebase "rocks" of smack, why not I don't know.
  I have heard of using ammonia instead of sodium hydroxide or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in an Acid/Base extraction.  I believe it was in an article about "cleaning" street heroin.  Where the author recommended dissolving heroin in a vial in water with a small amount of acid ( I suppose vineger or lemon juice would suffice), adding an oil disstillate (petroleum ether etc.) and shaking it.   After that the oil is seperated and discarded.  Amonia is then added (until the pH is basic) as is fresh oil.  The mixture is shaken again and this time the water is discarded.  Lastly, the addition of fresh water and an acid (seperately so as to minimize the total volume of liquid) until the pH becomes fairly acidic.  Shake, discard the oil, and you should be left with an acidic solution of fairly pure smack.
  Again, I only know a little about  chemistry, and maybe the amonia would react detrimentaly with the drug you were refining.  Maybe these procedures are very wasteful and/or dirty.  However, I believe the theories behind them are sound and that these techniques are emloyed daily by individuals in the illicit drug trade (where cheap and dirty are totally acceptable).  I appreciate  any feedback.
  A helpful note for an easy way to separate the oil and water.  If you place it in the freezer the water will freeze and the oil (generally) will not, thus allowing the oil to be poured off.  Becareful however, as was perviously stated, solids tend to become less soluble in solvents as temperatures fall.  If your solvent is saturated at room temperature it may not hold the same amount at 0 degrees centigrade, and this could cause problems.
  I welcome feedback and commentary.