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isoelemicin,sarisan,isomyristicin in lovage roots
« on: November 16, 2002, 08:17:00 AM »
scientia pharmaceutica 2002 70(1): 101-109 (english)
"phenylpropanoids and polyacetylenes from ligusticum mutellina
(apiaceae) of tyrolean origin"

renate spitaler, ernst-peter ellmerer-muller,
christian zidorn, hermann stuppner

Roots of Ligusticum mutellina (L.) CRANTZ afforded five major
compds., the phenylpropanoids trans-isoelemicin, sarisan, and
trans-isomyristicin, and the polyacetylenes falcarindiol and
falcarindiol-3-O-acetate.  Structures were assigned by 1D-and 2D-NMR
spectroscopy.  Close inspection of the NMR spectra of
falcarindiol-3-O-acetate and comparison with the literature revealed
that published NMR data for this compd. are most probably
attributable to cis or trans D2-isofalcarindiol-1-O-acetate.  1H and
13C NMR data for falcarindiol-3-O-acetate are given and
trans-isoelemicin, sarisan, and trans-isomyristicin, falcarindiol,
and falcarindiol-3-O-acetate are reported for the first time from
Ligusticum mutellina.  Chemosystematic and ethnopharmacol.
implications of the findings are discussed briefly.

[chemical abstracts 2002 137: 137524]


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lovage pic
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ligusticum mutellina

common names:
 - mountain lovage
 - alpine lovage