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N-Benzylphenylethylamine -Piglet
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Author  Topic:   N-Benzylphenylethylamine 
Member   posted 09-17-98 06:52 AM          
Rhodium's site has a new link to 'Abstracts from the forensic journal' which tells on an amination route using Benzylmethylamine.
The expected product is hydrolized to methamphetamine. I wonder what advantage this would have and if alinine would yield the primary amine?
Also the use of hydrogen peroxide in the reduction of ephedrine. What is going on here? Maybe this gets you methcathinone for clemmensen reduction?

Did you see the one about some dude being killed for 2 bottles of 'Kodak developer chemicals'. Wonder if they thought it had 2,5, DMA in it? We still don't know what that stuff is for...

And, wow. Look at all those dead people trying to make meth. The mistakes would really bee funny if we were not talking about human life...


beagle boy
unregistered   posted 09-17-98 12:59 PM           
As far as N-benzylmethylamine question, aniline wouldn't work. N-benzyl methamphetamine is first formed, and then benzyl group hydrogenolyzed off. Advantages: use of (formerly) unwatched amine, reduction of formation of meth dimer.
What is up with that peroxide reduction anyway? Anyone have any idea about conditions?

Also from this site, the use of hypophosphorous acid is interesting because phosphorus is unecessary. I still wonder what the hell the P/HI mechanism is, and this makes me even more curious.

Member   posted 09-18-98 09:52 AM          
I've already given some references on the mechanism of HI/P reduction. Go to: .
In the HI/red P reduction, the HI first protonates the -OH group, which is then substituted for a -I group. At the reaction temperature (reflux) HI dissociates into H2 and I2: the H2 reduces the iodine group and the I2 is oxidised back to HI by the red P OR hypophosphorus acid. Lr/