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where to look for a serial #?
« Reply #41 on: April 27, 2002, 09:18:00 AM »
it shore is nice to have a wonderful program like that sittin' on the 'ol computer and not bee able to use it 'cause there arent any serial numbers to bee had.



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Post deleted by hermeticsghost
« Reply #42 on: April 27, 2002, 05:53:00 PM »


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No merck index included
« Reply #43 on: April 27, 2002, 10:23:00 PM »
What a waste of time downloading, the merck index is not included.

The free version of chemdraw 7 has everything I needed in it.

This software should not be in a thread about the merck index  :(

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Fine, then. Find your own serial numbers.
« Reply #44 on: April 27, 2002, 10:57:00 PM »
Fine, then.  Find your own serial numbers.

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Merck Index 12
« Reply #45 on: April 28, 2002, 04:17:00 PM »
Here is the Merck Index 12 CD. You NEED to burn all the files onto a CD, or the program will not run. The data files cannot be installed to a hard drive, only the search program.

Chemoffice Ultra 6.0 Codes:

Serial Number     : 197901979        
Registration Code : GPZWCPDAHI4DQVE


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Server not found?
« Reply #46 on: April 29, 2002, 05:26:00 AM »
This is great but I am unable to get to it? Is the URL correct?

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Merck CD
« Reply #47 on: April 29, 2002, 07:35:00 AM »
I was able to install Merck 12 from the HDD to the HDD... no CD was required. Cdrwin is what I used to extract the BIN/CUE...


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And the program feels it is okay to run from the ...
« Reply #48 on: April 29, 2002, 07:44:00 AM »
And the program feels it is okay to run from the hard drive? It doesn't here...


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Slow FTP site.
« Reply #49 on: April 29, 2002, 11:20:00 AM »
Dang that russian site is slow.....getting less than 1kb/sec..

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Likely there's no complete Chemoffice warezed
« Reply #50 on: April 29, 2002, 03:00:00 PM »
1. It appears that a full copy of ChemOffice Ultra costs USD2700, so not many warez guys will have access.

2. There is a trial download with timelimit and NO databases, This is what will be cracked, ripped whatever.  :(   So it appears it is very unlikely that any of the versions of ChemOffice which are floating around occasionally will have all the databases. Bummer!

If you see a download, bear in mind that the Ed.12 of the Merck appears to be 50MB, so there is no way that a version of ChemOffice thats 53MB zipped is going to contain a database.  ;D


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can't get chem-dat CD.. any alternatives?
« Reply #51 on: March 11, 2003, 06:51:00 AM »
Don't bother going to

- They won't send you the chem-dat CD if you're in canada or the U.S..