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Szara - alkylated tryptamines
« on: June 10, 2004, 10:05:00 AM »
Synthesis and pharmacological activity of alkylated tryptamines.
Kalir A, Szara S.
J Med Chem. 1966 May;9(3):341-4.

A series of 3-(N-alkylaminoalkyl-a-methyl)indoles has been prepared either by reductive amination of 3-indolylacetone and 3-indolylbutanone, or by reduction of 3-alkylaminoacylindoles. Introduction of a single methyl group into the aliphatic nitrogen of a-methyltryptamine gave a compound that caused the arousal of motor activity in reserpinized mice in much shorter time than the parent substance. Introduction of a higher group or a second methyl substituent brings about decrease in physiological activity, while elongation of the aliphatic side chain results in complete loss of action.