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5-Methoxy-alpha-Methyltryptamine, A Hallucinogenic
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5-Methoxy-alpha-Methyltryptamine (alpha,O-Dimethylserotonin), A Hallucinogenic Homolog of Serotonin
Kantor, RE.; Dudlettes, SD.; Shulgin, AT.
Biological Psychiatry 15(2) 349-352, 1980.


"A serotonin derivative that in principle should circumvent these structural impediments is alpha,O-dimethylserotonin (alpha,O-DMS) in which the deamination process would be blocked by alpha-methylation and the hydrophilic hydroxyl group would be masked by O-methylation. This compound has been shown to have serotonin agonist activity in several biological models (Barlow and Khan, 1959; Vane, 1959), to have direct access to serotonin receptors within the CNS (Vane et al., 1961), and to be orally active centrally in man (Shulgin and Nichols, 1978). This report presents some of the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the effects induced in normal human subjects."

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