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Articles on ergot cultivation

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Can someone that has downloaded them maybe also host them?


excellent posts!

Damn flipper now thats what we've been needing.Lets get this shit out an in the open.Lets break this shit down.The "their gone"faces are going for 17,500 a GRAM.Hows that grab ya!Grabs me by my balls!I'm sorry fellas I wont bee able to work with these rediculous prices.I feel like a gump! :P


Here is that article on the isolation of paspalic acid from certain races of Claviceps paspali.

Helvetica Chimica Acta;1964;47;1052-64;Kobel et al;6-Methyl-d8,9-ergolen-8-carbonsäure, ein neues Ergolinderivat aus Kulturen eines Stammes von Claviceps paspali Stevens et Hall. (


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