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Urupeh: The potency bit would correspond with my earlier post about my book that stated that they grow slower at room temp but produce more alkaloids.

Mr._Bronson: Sorry to hear about your contamination. Keep me updated on your progress.

Well as for the cakes, SLOW seems to be the word. On January 22, four jars were filled w/ substrate and sterilised (everything except for innoculated) and allowed to sit as an indicator of SWIM's sterile technique as this is his first time. Eight other jars were innculated. Since then NO contaminates have been spotted in any of the 12 jars. BUT only three of the eight innoculated have germinated.

Some thoughts: PF TEK just pretty much sucks because you cannot shake the substrate during colonization. Birdseed looks to be the most interesting now. Temp must remain constant!! Whatever temp it is! SWIM has had some problems with his heater getting unplugged and the temp rising too high when trying to bring it back to 85°F. In the last four days of constant temp he has seen more growth than the past two weeks.

adroit: I have noticed the first mycelial threads within 3 days or so. Full colonisation takes approximately 1 fortnight. I am relatively inexperienced with this, but temperature seems the key: high 80's F for colonisation and high 70's for fruiting. For fruiting, humidity is important but varies between varieties. I only know the PF strain, which requires high 90's % humidity.

Also, the mycelium requires oxygen. I knock 5 holes in the lid of each jar for innoculation. Immediately after innoculation, I cover the holes with micropore surgical tape: this is breathable and seems to let enough O2 and CO2 to diffuse for rapid growth.

Another also, innoculation with live mycelium causes very rapid colonisation but seems to take longer before pinning occurs. I always wait for good pinning, then birth the medium and immerse in sterile water in a sealed container in the fridge for 24 hours before double ended casing in the fruiting chamber. This isn't large scale growing, just low maintenance hobby stuff. Cold water treatment and double ended casing increases the yield significantly. Double ended casing is placing the medium on an inverted lid filled with damp vermiculite and covering the top of the medium with 5mm or so of damp vermiculite.

More liquid medium growth results to come...

(What temperature units do you prefer? I use Celsius, but most people here are Yanks. Of course, to the purist, Kelvin is best. I can do Kelvin if you want. If we all used Kelvin and Pascals, I would be very happy indeed)

Trying to get psilo. from myc.  I have a friend who has done extensive trials on this and the results are very inconsistent and the concentration is so much higher in the carpophores, it doesn't make sense to try to skip this step.  The first thing to learn in mushroom cultivation is patience.  I have been growing for a number of years and the temperature variance between colonization and fruiting can help increase alkaloids, and much is decided genetically.  I have over 30 strains of cubensis, and the several panaeolus, and other psilocybes.  Cubensis are easy but not as potent as some of the others.  After you get the PF tek down, you should start using a grain(I use popcorn kernels) and spawn to straw and possibly dung.  You only sterilize to make the spawn and the rest you pasteurize.  This will give the biggest yields and the largest mushrooms.  Check out Rodger Rabbit at Mycotopia, he has some very good strains that he has cloned and worked with to fully domesticate and select for the best traits.  He had a pic the otherday of mushrooms growing on a hemp bible, a stuffed animal, and even a big bag of White Widow(what a waste, but cool never the less).  Stop in and check it out.

And coldshocking helps too.

I was just wondering if anyone has determined if the inclusion of tryptone in the growing medium promotes higher alkaloid production. Spric mentioned in Post 72050 (missing) (spric: "Re: cyanescens", General Discourse) that he would include it in his culture plates but did not elaborate on the significance of this measure. So if anybody knows, thank you in advance... otherwise I guess I'll just have to see for myself.


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