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i have years of experience growing the pf strain and heres what i found after tweaking just about every condition possible.
nothing i tried seemed to increase potency reliably.  growth rates were variable slightly by adjusting temperature but it seemed more important was humidity. if the grain cakes or spawning media dried out, growth slowed.
  the mutant expressions definitly were the most potent high.
  the MeOH extractions of the mycelia produced a very dirty feeling high and gram for gram does not compare to the abhorts or the perfectly formed fruiting bodies.  in my opinion pulling from the culture cakes is not worth the effort.
  for high volume production i settled on spawning beds made from water bed frames sectioned into 4 areas.  i spawned with the spent grain cakes cased with peat moss mixed with calcium carbonate to control pH and covered with burlap to maintain as much humidity as possible. i did have some contamination problems probably due to my inexperience with pastuerizing my spawning media.
  the easiest method i worked out was to use alot of small tanks because its easier to maintain high humidity.  i followed pf's instructions and only changed one thing to make it easier.  i put 3 or 4 inches of peat moss in the bottom of my tanks and kept it wet.  humidity was easy to maintain this way.
  i stored spore syringes for two years with no loss of viability.  i stored dry spore prints for more than two years with no problems. 
  keep us informed on your progress.

Hello fellow bees! SWIM was without a working computer and merely signed on to read but not to post at other locations.

Anyway, after some time growing and much experimentation, SWIM can agrees with obelisk insofar as the humidity being the crucial factor. This would be analogous to water content in the rice cakes during colonisation. SWIM also concurs with obelisk's findings regarding the potency.

After many, many varied extractions, SWIM has abondoned his dream of obtaining relatively pure psilocybin relatively fast. The best bet is to fruit them out on a MASSIVE scale. As for the massive scale, SWIM has found that MANY small containers are FAR superior to any simple system that he could develop. This is due to the humidity as well as the fact that when a contaminate strikes, all other containers are spaired. The latter is also why culture dishes and no larger than half-pint jars have reigned supreme in SWIM's experience.

Some other grains show promise and perhaps a writeup on a favorite will come soon but for now the brown rice cakes prove to be the most efficient method with easily reproducable results. Hats of to Professor Fanaticus. That's all folks.

I dont know why this thread is here, but there is much to be learned on cultivation from other boards. I use white millet thats been boiled and steeped for 24 hours in pint or half pint jars...with fast cubensis strains i get full colonization in about two and a half weeks in an incubator keeping the jars at 85F. Transfer to a vermiculite or 50/50 peat moss casing for good fruiting results.

Cubensys from animal is potent ahaha


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