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...your suggesting using this as the medium for fruiting? Do other nutrients need to be added?

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Sorry, but you gave me the laguh of the hour, no not as a medium. The Hive is a bord for chemistry, so it was the ingridient to make the synth of psilocybin. sorry

SWIM is glad he can make an adickt laugh for he has nothing else to contribute to the hive as of now. :)  He simply was not thinking. :P

SWIM has registered with shroomery bulletin boards and is gaining a wealth of knowledge. He continues to diligently read all pertaining threads found here as well and has learned alot in the past few days from them.

Probably this would be the single most simple and efficient way.

Post 279461 (Zen: "Zen and the Art of Hydroponic Mycology", Tryptamine Chemistry)

SWIM assures you that he is extremely interested.

Usually when he is logged into the hive he has 2-4 windows open and is reading about 3 or more different things. He is fascinated as hell by chem and this sort in particular of course. He has realised that he is spreading himself too thing and decided to focus quite a bit more on a chosen topic to achieve greater understanding in less time. That topic is mycology. It recieves the majority of his attention by far now rather than reading anything that interestes him or catches his eye.
The above mentioned stretch of attention is what caused the above error regarding the precursors as a medium for he was thinking about two other things and got confused.

Why can't I reply to the above link on hydroponic mycology?
I referred to the FAQ and this reason for not being able to reply must have slipped my mind
 - You cannot reply to old threads after more than 1 year after the last post as a relatively new user.
My apologies.
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This idea (hydroponic mycology)interests SWIM a great deal and he would like to know production specifics such as active content % by mass and cultivation period, among others.

Why can't I reply to the above link on hydroponic mycology?

Read the FAQ:


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