Author Topic: Cops Seize $10M Worth of K2 in Bronx Drug Bust  (Read 1763 times)

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Cops Seize $10M Worth of K2 in Bronx Drug Bust
« on: September 24, 2015, 12:33:45 PM »
Police found up to two million packets of K2 during a search at a Bronx apartment Wednesday.
The raid netted about $10 million worth of the drug, a type of synthetic marijuana, at the Parkchester apartment, the NYPD said.

The search, which did not result in any arrests, was a continuation of last week’s massive K2 raid of about 80 locations across the city, police said.
Six people were arrested in the Sept. 16 bust, which officials are calling the largest crackdown on the importation, distribution and sale of synthetic cannabinoids in New York City history, law enforcement officials said.

A total of 10 people were named in a federal indictment on charges of participating in a scheme to illegally import at least 100 kilograms of illegal synthetic compounds into the U.S., enough to produce 260,000 retail packets, officials said. The seizure had a street value of about $30 million.
Of the 10 suspects, four are still being sought, officials say.
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Re: Cops Seize $10M Worth of K2 in Bronx Drug Bust
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2015, 01:03:22 PM »
Didn't realise there was a market for that sort of  stuff after it is made illegal. I thought the only appeal to it was that people could buy it in head shops and online legally, or for easier smuggling into prisons... clearly I am wrong!

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Re: Cops Seize $10M Worth of K2 in Bronx Drug Bust
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2015, 09:24:30 PM »
"A type of synthetic marijuana"

The incessant propoganda never fails to amuse. Why does the media make the word "synthetic drug" a scary thing when they are surrounded by psychoactive chemicals produced in labs?

Albeit having a moral objection to the war on drugs, I am sort of glad they could dispose of 2 million packages of herbal mixes sprayed with unknown amounts of research cannabinoids.

We all know that the increasingly vast number of RC cannabinoids can be used safely by means of volumetric dosing. These herbal blends, however, pose a danger to anyone that consumes them. This is due to "hotspots" in the blend that are bound to (and do) occur when the manufacturures jsut spray on a solution of RC cannabinoids.

Since the effects are meant to mimic THC (Although they most certainly do not, in my opinion), people believe it is safe to smoke the blend. In effect, many, many people die.

If the government regulated all drugs like they should, there would be a vastly smaller number of fatalities due to unintentional overdose of RC cannabinoids (and other chemicals).
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