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DMT found naturally occuring in the brain

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Pretty cool article, researchers have discovered that DMT is biosynthesized at regular sites in the brain of rats similar to other neurotransmitters.


That's not really news to me, I read that already in Tihkal?


--- Quote from: carl on December 08, 2019, 07:14:47 PM ---That's not really news to me, I read that already in Tihkal?

--- End quote ---

Its not so much the fact its present, but where and how much that I thought was interesting.

This is important because of the levels produced as well as areas of the brain which is producing it.

The article insinuates that it is produced in amounts similar to other neurotransmitters and could be connected to other neurological/metabolic functions rather than just dreaming/ near death experiences.

Maybe it is some sort of emulator that allows for us to convert the data set we perceive as reality?
Would explain a lot to me!


I'm not sure if i understand the last paragraph can anyone please explain and give their opinions?


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