Author Topic: overhead stirrer w/out gas-tight adapter  (Read 505 times)

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overhead stirrer w/out gas-tight adapter
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Place the stirrer shaft down through theĀ ...
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Place the stirrer shaft down through the reflux condenser


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that's a good idea (and i'm confident of it...
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Kyrides Stirrer
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Download Vogel's 3d edition from:

Then look on pages 68-9 for a description of the construction a Kyrides stirrer, which is even usable down to 10 mm of vacuum  :)  There's a design with pictures on Rhodium's page, at:

additionally there are many posts here and more files there such as

Post 249543 (missing)

(lugh: "Re: Homemade Stirrer", Chemicals & Equipment)

Post 265165 (missing)

(lugh: "Stirrer Construction", Chemicals & Equipment)
that may bee helpful if you are willing to



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obviously inappropriate/incompatible equipment
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my stirrer shaft is not long enough to accomodate that (it's 45 cm, and this is for a 3-necked 12L RBF). the stirrer pretty much has to be in the center neck (due to stirrer paddle being for a 12L RBF) and the condenser is on one of the side necks.

You obviously have inappropriate/incompatible equipment and should do some shopping, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. Such a mentality usually leads to reaction failures and/or glassware breakage.


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thx for the input, y'all, but swim has ...
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thx for the input, y'all, but swim has succeeded with the stirrer (for now), despite the poorly chosen equipment. the improvised stirrer in

provided me w/ some inspiration (thx lugh) that got me through the stirring i needed to do.

on a more novel note, due to swim's friend not taking into consideration that the stirrer should be made of PTFE or glass (conc. HCl + stainless steel + hrs. of reflux -> corrosion), the stirrer paddle broke free during the reflux. swim suspected this would happen, and has decided to continue the reflux (w/out stirrer) to completion to see what comes out. swim has only another 14 hrs. to completion  :P  (yawn!).

hopefully the clemmenson (spelling?) reduction will come out dandy (not in the British sense) irrespective of the stirring, but swim will try to UTFSE to determine that.

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