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> Barnstead/Thermolyne Cimarec stirring hotplate 7X7 Swiw hears they work great

from first hand experience, these are one of the weaker stirrers.  they barely can stir anything with a solid in it, let alone Al foil.  they also have a really long spin down time, eg. when your sitr bar flips out, and you turn the stirring down to recapture it, it takes a really long time for the thing to slow down enough to capture the stir bar.

on the other hand, the thermolyne 1000 (big boxy combo) is really strong, and has a quick slow down rate.  and they're cheap like, well, like something that doesn't cost too much.

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Swiw had heard that spinnout happens every now and again the AL/hg+nitro via 25ml stufferol.It does cause a little paranoia.You do wanna check on it every 10 minutes.Anyone know of a good digi term HP stirrer model?When adding NaCL to elenmeyer to hook up some brine solution swiw gets spinnout.That slow down rate can piss ya off quick.  :P

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I think thermolynes suck too.
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I think thermolynes suck too. There really aren't that many strong stirrer out there unless you go with Ika or PMC.


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If the magnet stirring isn't sufficiant, use ...
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If the magnet stirring isn't sufficiant, use overhead stirring.. case closed...

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i think you mean thermolyne cimarecs.
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i think you mean thermolyne cimarecs.  thermolyne 1000s are very strong, stop quickly, and are dirt cheap.

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Enough is enough! Spend the fuckin money already!
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Heres the deal.. seriously. If your novice and refuse to use sheet al for WHATEVER REASON, then get a 12L, 2 neck rb, and a thermoleyne maxi stirrer for overkill. Then insert your 45/50 (400mm) friedrick into the top of your 12L and your 24/40 addition funnel into your side neck.. 3" stir bar inside the place to bee and scale up MM's synth 8/9 X

This will work and I guarantee you will not feel any heat on the top part of the condensor as ice cold water flows through it. Give the addition 2/3 hours and you will be stuck with more liquid than you really want. Get a 20L carboy with spigot to seperate or something. At that point you figure you just spent 2 grand on equipment and just made 10K back on your first unnecessary large scale rxn. - the cost of sodium hydroxide to basify. That will be pricey.

Ghetto as fuck, but whatever, you only live once and seeing even half of this scale being done is enough to catch a natural high.

After you do this once.. make it a point to never do it again. Pay OS his AL/HG money and use sheet metal from that point on.   ;)

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