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UTFSE and use some common sense.
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UTFSE and use some common sense.
Every question you asked has been asked and answered a hundred times before.

Short version: they can bust you for pretty much anything they want, and it will be up to you to get out of this mess.

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Sure,thanks Os.Swic runs low on common sense now ...
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Sure,thanks Os.Swic runs low on common sense now and again.And your absolutley right everything was to be found on TFSE Swic was just looking in the wrong forum as he's completely computer illiterate. :P Swic sucks with TFSE :P .Swic loves chemistry not computers,sorry ya old grump ;) .peace,chambered

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did you ride the short bus Fully_Auto?
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Cause you damn sure don't seem to understand anything about economics.  Supply and demand.  bulk supply of Sassafras oil is cheap now, and demand is high, so suppliers will sell cheap oil.  When it becomes restricted, and very soon at that, the supply will go away, demand will still be there, and the risks involved in supplying oil will make it expensive as hell.  Now since you don't cook and don't understand the situation, you can claim this assumption is false.  Anyone that's been in the game for a few years has watched the price of oil triple.  I don't think national inflation has gotten that bad, as most things seem to be deflating as of lately.  Sassafras oil is going to become expensive when it become impossible to acquire legally.  Don't argue it, prepare for it.

And to the person that corrected me; "A pint's a pound the world around."  In the case of sassafras oil, a pint's a few grams more than a pound, but close enough considering the essential oil dealer is pouring it wholesale from a 20kg pail into dark brown 8 and 16 oz. bottles.

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:-) Finally someone caught it! I know dude, ...
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:)  Finally someone caught it! I know dude, sorry. I was fucking with you. But most important I was seeing if anyone would jump on the train and agree with me... hehe I caught me one I think. I don't think comprehension is his strong point I believe the guy said. Ohwell everyone makes mistakes. Its amazing what you can get somoen to say without them giving it a thought to whether its fact or not! Ok I'll quit doing shit like that. lata

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No, but you may have to ride one soon
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