Author Topic: naptha lighter fluid -Vs- colemans camping fuel  (Read 3119 times)

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Why not gas from 'dry' xylene or toulene,
« Reply #20 on: November 04, 2002, 04:33:00 AM »
I'm not arguing the fact that xylene is not a better product my point was to answer a post which someone wanted to know the better of the two products ' that being colemans or naptha..

My opinion is campfuel, but not the colemans with the blue rust shit..... period......there is a camp fuel that one can purchase without the blue shit... and it's not colemans brand .

Yes there are others such as xylene that is better for all practical purposes , But the fact remains that you can use these others that aren't as popular if need bee....

 cost can bee a factor but also the ease at purchasing is high on somes list... for that reason Not the colemans brand but used for the same purpose is without blue rust shit and the cost and ease of purchase makes it a good option.

toulene and xylene are not easy to get anymore around here anyway, and most stores seem to bee slowly getting away from  stocking it, so yes go ahead purchase while you can but if you need  to use something else the option will bee available for you.

naptha is not great for gassing it has some fine points for other methods such as cleaning, but gassing is not one of themmm, however it can bee used..............

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My 2 cents worth
« Reply #21 on: November 04, 2002, 07:43:00 PM »
Up here in the northern states meth is not a problem drug.
Toulene is everywhere so have not had to resort to before
mentioned petroleum products.Handsfull2 & Myles are right on, naptha accepts amines more readily if heated.It seems
to me that if swim was in a pinch he would try Curbshots
K****f*** charcoal lighter fluid as non polar.He never mentioned heating that and always had good luck with it.Has to be cleaner than C*****ns camping fl.


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Interesting MSDS
« Reply #22 on: November 05, 2002, 01:19:00 AM »
I have heard different people rumor this charcoal lighter fluid to be a variety of many different things. Is it just a different boiling point distillation of petroleum?

Here is an MSDS...

I see that Naptha is mentioned but others have rumored that Kerosene is involved as a small fraction of the distillate. Any truth to this?


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Gassing From Colemans
« Reply #23 on: November 05, 2002, 02:33:00 AM »
Swim used colemans fuel in his very first dream.
Here is how it (never) went.
He Gupchucked a 400 pill batch(12 grams pfed).
After it hit the "mashed potatoes" stage, dumped in some of that blue colemans, the reaction boiled for over 4 hours, violently at first.
He removed colemans into a pitcher and took it indoors.
Never added water to the rxn, never even had any NaOH.
It was allowed to warm to room temp(65 degrees).
Proceeded to gas using PICKLING salt and H2SO4.
Some chrystals precipitated to the bottom of the jar, and a thick white layer formed on top.
Jar was swirled around, layer went to bottom, more gas, another layer, so on until no more white layer formed on top.
Filtered out thru 3 coffee filters and squezzed out excess colemans.
Dried in air to a fine, white powder with some small rocks.
Gear had no odd smells or colors to it and burned pretty clean.
Got a yeild of around 8 grams.
Swim dont get why everyone says that colemans dont work worth a shit for gassing, but swim is one of those hick country boys, so maybe it is just his country charm making bad stuff work good. :P

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