Author Topic: Legitimite uses for watched chemicals  (Read 2977 times)

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As Megatherium once proclaimed, "Nobody makes DMF from scratch, this is a standard organic solvent"

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(Megatherium: "Nobody makes DMF from scratch.", Newbee Forum)

Nitromethane can be distilled from RC fuel however, if you are thinking about putting an M in between MD A. UTFSE.


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electro prep of NaOH
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what about the Cl2 gas produced? its the only safety issue I see. heh...

The Na would react

Na2+ + 2e ---> Na + H20 ----> NaOH

but the Cl ion will

2Cl- ---> Cl2 + 2e

The Cl2 will need to go somewhere, but the NaOH would be made :)

using NaSO4 would result in some NaOH w/o any gas evolution.