Author Topic: fuck heet wheres the gallons otc?  (Read 3688 times)

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Nice pic,,,, that skull is eating his crossbones..
« Reply #20 on: July 27, 2002, 08:57:00 AM »
that must bee some powerful shit!!  If you run anykind of high performance products on your vehicle... which you should (just makes sense) then you can use that as an excuse to bump up your
octane rating without buying premium fuel!!!

What is the shelf life of MeoH??

i need 5 Meonites of ya time!


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Shelf Life
« Reply #21 on: July 27, 2002, 05:00:00 PM »
What is the shelf life of MeoH??

Methanol should last forever if it is stored correctly.

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Don't worry about "shelf life" of MeOH.
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Don't worry about "shelf life" of MeOH.  What's is going to do?  Rearrange to ...?  Buy it at your local drag strip.  About $12 for 5 gal.  Seems SWIDR fucked up about 5 aminations (of varying sizes, total ketone loss of about 250g), due to using denatured (has % MEK or MIBK) or distilled fuel line dryer (still don't know why those failed).  Now that SWIDR is MeOH fuel powered, all systems are go.  Beautiful blastoff last PM.



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« Reply #23 on: July 29, 2002, 06:18:00 AM »
If your hellbent on easy OTC, SWIM has found a lot of manufacturers of automotive "stuff" have MSDS's on their products on their websites. SWIM is paranoid about contaminents. Go shopping at a few stores, discreetly write down some product names and manufactures. Go home search the web, get the MSDS and you will know. This doesn't work well every time, but it has worked for several products for SWIM. Then there's no question.


[EDIT] Sorry, SWIM got a little off topic. You can get it from local drag strips, local hot rod/ car shops, order it online as hobby fuel, order it online from race shops. Most will even ship 55 gallon drums, although a bit expensive. It's available in quantity at too many places to list, apparently your not doing too much research.

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thanks overclock!
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Already found out about it.Thanks. :P

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since you said HEET, swim will confess
« Reply #25 on: July 30, 2002, 07:19:00 AM »

HEET      aka- purified capsaicin...

Active Ingredients: Methyl Salicylate (15%), Camphor (3.6%), Oleoresin Capsicum (.025%)

Inactive Ingredients: Acetone, Alcohol (70%)

HEET this you savages!!

i must confess, one of the main reasons that fueled my desire for an easier , more idiot-proof method of educating others.  Whether it bee for the gooda..ora beea for da badd, , swim has had two
encounters with chemistry since his world was changed by the hive. Both of them ended up a fucking disaster.
Swim was overwhelmed by the clean gods and in haste made a poor decision.. after reading about 3 or 4 threads on recrysta sation, , he took some fluffy gupchucker honey and decided to " clean " it up a little..
The result has remained in the freezer, knowing that one day the well could bee dry and he would have no choice but to try clean up his mess.. and what a mess it is..
swim has/had rounda bout 8 Goodolegooduns dissolved with this shit... BUT IT DID RECRYS A LITTLE!!
:)   iS THAT considered a small victory>>
not if you could smell this shit


i need 5 Meonites of ya time!

Yes! I am scared to make it!

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