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dmt and washing
« on: April 05, 2003, 11:40:00 AM »
okey dokey...

SWIM acquired itself some acacia obtusifolia bark, and extracted a quantitiy of it, using good quality chemistry equipment, a good quality pH meter form a hydro shop calibrated within a week of use, a 1L sep funnel, a buchner filter with good suction (though SWIM suspects this was not that important, though helpful).


okay, the big deal was this. the extraction was done with a double boiler, the extract was not permitted to rise above water bp. 1.5 hours. first run.

this acidic extract was filtered with the aforementioned buchner vacuum filter, first with a coarse grade filter, and then with a more fine grade filter.

then, SWIM defatted with 1x wash of toluene, 3x wash of xylene (approximatley 100ml each). about 100ml of naphtha to clear the whatever was left behind by the last four washes, and ...

basified to 12.8. Extracted in the first instance with naptha, and then washed with standard tapwater (measured at pH ~9) and an interesting phenomenon occurred

the yellow colour which the naptha acquired after the extraction was completely washed out into the water (at aforementioned pH 9).

further to this SWIM promises me, more stories...

however it is rather interesting... 4x defatting with aromatic solvents, and then a final wash with naptha, and then, to the polar extract, a wash with water, which was obviously around pH 9, more likely to be 8.8 than 9, however 9 was what SWIM sweared the pH meter said. the naptha turned yellow after the extraction, and then the yellow was gone in the polar wash....

what could this mean???

dang, I am gonna have to hassle the SWIM about further stories.


SWIM reported more...

it then happened again with a new naptha extraction and a further wash of the tap water (which as mentioned, took up all the yellow colouration)...

And the second wash got rid of the colour completely...


well, anyway, SWIM has further to tell on his imaginary adventures.

but anyway, he found this colour migration to be quite intriguing...

SWIM promises more, but he's the most unreliable SWIM I have ever known



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Naphtha vs toluene.
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2003, 08:06:00 PM »
basified to 12.8. Extracted in the first instance with naptha,
Why are you trying to use naphtha to extract your DMT freebase when you have toluene? Is this even petroleum ether naphtha or some junky lighter fluid naphtha? Petroleum ether works well for dissolving fats, THC and even cocaine freebase but not knowing how well it works for DMT freebase I would use toluene.


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Swim had quite a bit of sucess using junky...
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2003, 09:52:00 PM »
Swim had quite a bit of sucess using junky lighter-fluid naphta- it definatly pulls the goods!  He was certain to use only naphta that was contained in plastic containers (yellow, R), as he had heard (he never tested/verified this) that naphta coming in metal containers were more likely to have rust inhibitors added.  Make sure not to warm solvent in said containers though, as some of the yellow color would then leech out and end up in final product! 

maybee said phenomina occurs and then back-wash (bring that pH down to slightly basic- 7.5-8 lest swim craves the burning lung sensation) is cleaning out leeched color from container?


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« Reply #3 on: April 10, 2003, 05:24:00 AM »
it hapen's again...
I have met some people that extracted the first time with alcool than a second experiment whit acid-water, whit alcool the experiment gave more product..., it was hard to the two experiments it seems to occur the same fenomena, when the last wash step was performed (water + free-base)the water became a wine or redish tint an the solvent pale yellow...are the honest people trowing good stuff away???
the material was Mimosa hostilis bark= too much eford and work for 2 doses per kilo


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2 doses per kilo? YIKES!
« Reply #4 on: April 10, 2003, 05:52:00 AM »
2 doses per kilo?  YIKES!  Not good, somethings definatly not right.  Swiy needs to post his/her procedure -with detail, and in a LEGIBLE fashion.

The final, washed solvent should bee clear/yellowish.  Methanol extract (In swims non-chemist's opinion) should only bee performed if there is a large amount of material to extract (I guess a kilo counts as a large amount, but any less...).  Quit wasteing valuable rootbark until swiy gets the hang of it! do smaller batches (~100-300g) until proficient (or send some of that bark swims way  :P ).  Is swiy extracting the bark X3?  Is he also extracting the basified X3?

Remember to save EVERYTHING (save and label everything!)until swiy is satisfied he/she done got the whole crop!  This goes for any rxn swiy is learnin'.  At least until swiy has some proficiency, even never know when you (I mean swiy ;) ) is gonna make an air-headed mistake!

edit: to what pH is it beeing acidified?  Also, it is normal for backwash-water to pick up color, just make sure that it is slightly basic (if its acidic, you can now probably guess where the good stuff is going!)  Also, swim always tried to make sure backwash was done rather quickly (waited just long enough for layers to completly separate) and with cool DH20.