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Azeotropic drying of acetic acid
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Which patent out of lugh's* long list described azeotropic drying with chlorinated hydrocarbons ?
[Don't feel like going thru all of them]

Anyhow, I would say that while other combinations of acids & chlorinated hydrocarbons might work for drying, using tetrachloroethylene to dry acetic acid is no good: their bp's are too close [GAA 118°C, perc 121 °C]. So after water removal, separation of the GAA from the perc becomes a bitch. And, as can be expected from close boilers, an azeotrope is formed [61.5% GAA, bp 107°C], so adding too much perc will also be a problem.


Patent GB2182271

must be wrong cos it describes a clamping device.

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