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better preparation method
« Reply #20 on: June 02, 2003, 10:01:00 PM » has a few posts detailing a slightly more OTC preparation of azides.  There are a few posts by a "Mr. Anonymous" which were emailed to both Polverone and PHILOU Zrealone.  In these posts he details a technique to produce hydrazine sulfate.  Search for "hydrazine sulfate OTC optimized synthesis" to find this procedure.  IIRC he continues in another post to describe how to produce sodium azide from the hydrazine sulfate with important details like color changes and reaction times.  Mr. Anonymous also contributed some very interesting procedures for other OTC preparations which may be very useful to the home chemist.

About the only difficult chemical to find IIRC is sodium nitrite.


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Search under my name here and Hydrazine, I...
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Search under my name here and Hydrazine, I think I posted alot of stuff

But by the sound of your dabbleing with sodium I think maybee you should leave these hazardous chems alone until you develop more lab skills and common chemistry sense. ;)